Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vroom vroom bedtime

Recently Little Bird has extended his interest from all things animal related to cars and trucks. As much as I love animals it is nice to have a change of topic. I have walked in to find him pushing cars along and saying ‘beep beep’ which is amazing and gives us plenty more play opportunities. Luckily we had a garage and some little toy cars in the loft that I had bought a while back. He hadn’t been interested in them at the time but now he is really enjoying rolling them along every surface in the house.  

 In order to nurture this new interest we selected a few car type books from the library and have been looking through them together at bedtime. I recommend Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go for all its quirky vehicle pictures, gives you lots to point out and lots of vocabulary opportunities.  Cars Galore by Peter Stein is a wonderful rhyming books and very funny, a huge bedtime hit but most of all we loved Usborne’s Look Inside Cars. A lift the flap book that really grabs LB’s interest and I think it is a lot of fun too. Sometime I wonder who loves children’s books more – me or LB.

It has got me looking at children’s car beds for his bedroom. Wouldn’t that be great for bedtime and for play too?  After all when you are 4 a bed is not just for sleeping but for bouncing on, making dens and make believe.  LB needs a lot of help with imaginative play and I think a shiny red car bed with a set of wheels like the LPD Grand Prix Children’s Bed Frame from Bed Sale Online would certainly encourage him. We could even take the animals for a ride in our fancy sleek sports car. It has soft curvy side rails, so no corners to worry about excitable children banging heads on and additionally stops them from rolling out of bed if like me you have a nighttime wriggler.

Or we could pretend to be racing car drivers in the GFW Rampage Car Bed with its attractive design, ideal for that in-between stage before a big bed. Again it has soft edges for safety and is an affordable price for a sturdy bed. Both car beds fit a 3ft mattress which you can also purchase from the website’s large selection. These attractive beds are delivered flat pack with easy assembly and are next day delivery which is super handy when you need to arrange to be in.

Both car beds would be a great focal point for a child’s bedroom and would be the envy of friends. There are so many car accessories you could put in the room. In fact a car/garage themed bedroom would be a lot of fun to put together. I’m thinking road signs, jars of vintage cars up on the shelves and chequered flag style cushions. I think LB would love one of these beds and it would attract his attention with the bright colours and chunky look. He might not actually want to get out of it in the morning which would be brilliant for me to have a bit longer sleeping. If only!

Source: Pinterest
I was really into cars as a small girl, I had so many Matchbox vehicles and my favourite was a red convertible with the hugely imaginative name of Reddy (I can remember my little cars so well, over 30 years later!). I think both boys and girls would love a car bed in their bedroom. Certainly as a child I would have.

What do you think – would your children love to sleep and play in a bed such as these?

*This was a collaborative post with Bed Sales Online.


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