Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spring Styling

Spring Freshness

We are off on holiday next month, a jaunt to beautiful Wales - the Pembrokeshire area to be exact. I cannot wait! Before we go I need to buy some new clothes so I feel good about myself whilst we are going on day trips and strolling on the sand. With being on a budget I will be on the lookout for cheap designer clothes such as jeans, tops and cute ballet pumps that I can mix and match.

I would love to spend a day at the London Designer Outlet, picking out outfits, having a coffee (or two) and coming home laden with bags of beautiful items. You can't beat that feeling of a pleasurable shopping trip where you have found bargains and get back home having bought loads for your money. 

I need new sunglasses since my last pair are now slightly bent out of shape and a new bag to carry all my day-to-day essentials. I love bright clothes so anything in green or yellow always catches my eye. I'm also still on the lookout for some floral trousers that are on-trend and some bold geometric printed tops that will make be feel cheerful and smart.

The main thing for me though is to be comfy, hence the flat pumps and t-shirt tops that I can wear from season to season. Just a few pounds in weight to lose and then I'll be off to find my holiday wardrobe.

Have any items caught your eye this season? Dare you wear the floral trousers?

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