Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cholmondeley Castle gardens part 1

Cholmondeley Castle
 I always feel slightly angry with myself when we find a wonderful place on our doorstep and think "Why on earth have we not been here before?" This was certainly one of those occasions as we found ourselves at Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley) Castle as it is only half hour's drive away through some spectacular countryside. The castle grounds were wonderful and the clever landscaping led the eye into the surrounding green hills. mosaic at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire fox decoration
pretty purple flower The castle gardens are split up into different areas, so many that I'll save the rest for next week. We had a little picnic on a bench by the mosaic and wandered into The Glade with its carpet of yellow lamium, geraniums and hostas. I found a bee on the pathway and carried him by petal to safety - I have a habit of rescuing insects.walking on the garden trail bee resting on a petal ornate white gates From here we took a walk through the banks of bluebells and dainty cowslips to the Chapel, although we didn't get that far as little legs got too tired and had a little strop on a grassy verge. Very cute though sat amongst the blossom. After a little coaxing we walked slowly back to the castle. lush greenery  road to the castle  castle on the hill  beautiful green landscape Dark looming storm clouds suddenly took over the sky and as the first pitter patter started, we made it to a group of trees to shelter under.   to the chapel  bracken With the freshness of the quick cloud burst in the air, we were in need of a warm drink and found the Tea Rooms. A little test for Little Bird to sit patiently at the table, always a difficulty in the past. Not today and this is more the norm now. It's the little things in life, it really is. The gardens were not overly busy at all for a Sunday and a coach party mostly made up our fellow garden trippers. I really need to shout about this place although not too much as it was kind of nice having it to ourselves :)  blossom fields happy boy on the country path  cowslip There is so much to explore here and with a play area and a small farm, it is a great place to spend the day. Throughout the year they have many events here from motor racing further out in the grounds and plant fairs and walks discovering wild flowers and orchids. enjoying a coffee and juiceCan you see the little dip in the picture below, the line running across the landscape? That is a ha-ha. It is a vertical divide, a walled barrier for the grounds but you cannot see it! It maintains the lovely view and was used a lot in landscape design around great houses. The name ha-ha comes from the viewers amusement when they discover the wall.   The grounds of Cholmondeley Castle

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lilmuselily said...

breathtaking. and only 30 minutes away? perfect!

AnnieMammasaurus said...

ooo I like walls - and love the sound of a Ha Ha wall, I can just imagine the looks of WTF?! on peoples faces as they spot it ahead!

I love days out like this, and often with Castles and stately homes the gardens are far better than the building itself, I know I'm such a philistine!

Gorgeous photos sweet cheeks - I look forward to part two! Thanks for joining in again xx

Merlinda Little said...

All of the places that we went to looks tiny compared to this place! So much space ti walk to and to appreciate pretty blooms =) #HDYGG

Helen Sims The good life mum said...

gosh what a great adventure and a lovely castle

Jocelyn (@ReadingRes) said...

It looks so brilliant there. With the play area and farm, too, sounds like a perfect family day out. I get angry when I stumble across local things like that, too, but at least we're finding them!

Gemma Garner said...

I bet The Glad will be look amazing when all the geraniums flower. If I'd have gone there I probably would have spent most my time in the little farm petting the animals :) said...

Simply Stunning.
Don't you love the way ferns uncurl -
and the sun behind them in your shot is just amazing.
What a lovely trip.
Emma :-)

Debra Carr said...

So pretty, loving the fox, the last picture with the trees is just stunning and if you can't have a little strop on a grassy verge where can you have a little strop? ;)

Katie R said...

HaHa! I love it when the names of things make sense. It looks so lovely and peaceful- so nice to have places to yourself.

Annie@SuffolkPebbles said...

it looks like a lovely place with lots of nooks and crannies to explore x

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