Wednesday, 7 May 2014

In fair Verona

I dream of going to Verona one day. To walk along humid summer streets past buildings made of warm stone whilst dreaming of Shakespeare's plays that were set here - Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew and The Two Gentleman of Verona. 

A place to admire gothic architecture and drink a little red wine of an evening in a pretty scented courtyard whilst the sounds from the open-air opera drift across the romance filled streets. What a city of culture and to visit during opera season would be a perfect tonic for renewing my heart's beat. Alas, no travel to Italy is on the cards for us this year.

For now the next best thing would be to see a performance with the English National Opera. An evening immersed in the Cosi fan Tutte ENO production would create that feeling of escape and enchantment. A Mozart comedy but with a twist, set in the 1950's at the Coney Island sideshow. Expect to see sword swallowers and acrobats performing whilst the story of the two sisters tricked into testing the limits of true love by their fiancĂ©es pretending to be other men. 

I took OH to the ballet one evening and he survived so I wonder if he would object to the opera. It certainly sounds like a feast for the eyes with its fairground setting,  I think he could be persuaded. Have you ever been to the opera? Does the sound of opera make you feel warm and fuzzy like it does me?

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