Monday, 1 June 2015

Caravan cooking

Mini pies for a rainy day in a caravan

I took my bundle of home grown rhubarb from the allotment and some new pie tins to the caravan in Cornwall. A perfect time to do a quick bake that would last us a couple of nights, a money saver, rather than buying desserts or feasting on chocolate. Gorgeous seasonal produce instead.
Using my new mini pie tins I made a rhubarb pie. Two wonderful metal pie tins by Nordic Ware and a plastic reversible pie top cutter for two different types of lattice styles. 7 inch in diameter to make a great size pie to share for lunch or if you are really hungry, one to yourself. I will be using these for all sorts of savoury pies too from cheese and onion to a steak pie in autumn. 

Unbelievably cute and great to take along to a party or get together. I'll certainly be using these again and again. They are great for our family as I'm vegetarian and often need to make two meals at dinner time to keep the rest of the family happy too. 
mini pie baking kit
cute vintage caravan
My rhubarb pie turned out really well and was devoured with thick, yellow custard. Perfect caravan food after a day out walking. 

Do you like to bake pies? Any ideas for other flavours I could bake in these mini tins?

I received the lovely pie tins in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own and I thought these were super.


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