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5 great ideas for children's bedrooms

Probably the most exciting room in my house is my son's bedroom. How better to relive your own childhood and perhaps indulge in having the room that you really wanted as a child and of course create your child's perfect space for play and sleep.

1. Cosy Book Nook
Encourage reading by having a cosy reading space for your child and for looking at books together. I have used inexpensive spice racks for our little shelves and rotate the books by season. Book nooks in closets also work well, a snug area for a children's library and to leaf through books. Add colourful cushions, bean bags and blankets for comfort. I would have loved one as a child, almost like a den for imaginative play too. 
Children's colourful book nook
Image source: Caro Inspiration

2. Colourful storage
My son has so many toys, puzzles and games that I like to keep tidy so we can easily find items on a daily basis. Paramount for us as a home educating family as I need to know where things are so we can work on a particular subject or play category. We have the books sorted of course but how to deal with the train sets, the cars, the dinosaurs and the plastic animals?

Coloured tubs and baskets are great for dumping awkward shaped toys into. I theme them, having all the farm set together and the wild animals in another. We also have an upcycled small chest, painted up in chalky white, that doubles as a little seat with bright cushions on it. I bought it at a car boot sale for just a few pounds and it's lasted several years now. 

One of my favourite ideas as it looks so amazingly ordered and is quite like a super arty wall is the below match box car storage! Simple but so effective. 
DIY Matchbox Car Garage
Image source: Lo and behold life

3. A creative bed
The most important item in the bedroom for sleep and relaxation but it can be used in play too with imaginative beds in the shape of cars, sleighs or even this amazing campervan bed too. For helping keep the bedroom tidy, these kids beds are great for space saving with inbuilt drawers and desk areas incorporated. I might have been keener to do my homework as a child had I had my own desk that felt like a den under the bed, much better than a portion of the dining room table. 
campervan kid's bed
Image source: Charlie's Bedroom

4. Fun decorations
Use your child's hobbies or favourite toys as a source of wall decoration. Like the Matchbox cars mentioned previously, it can also work as storage too. If you do not like full on character style children's bedrooms, ideas such as this Lego super hero shadow box would make an interesting piece for the wall. 

Lego Super Hero Shadow Box
Image source: Etsy

Crafty ideas such as up-cycling an old chest of drawers and wallpapering the front with themed paper or painting up in bright colours or shapes are striking additions to a bedroom. In my son's room I have kept his change station he had as a baby, it's solid wood and too good to just throw away; painted up, it now doubles as part book shelf and part shelf for favourite decorative items.

One of the cutest ideas I have seen are these mushroom stools for a fairies tea party. A basic stool with a home-made cushion.....now where is my sewing machine?!
Toadstools for children
Image source: Etsy

5. Let's play house
Turning pieces of furniture into play items like doll's houses is a marvellous idea and the children can help with decorating it. A simple inexpensive book shelf can become a stunning home for dolls, toy animals or characters. 

DIY play kitchens can be made from a small chest of drawers, turning unwanted pieces of furniture into a super piece of imaginative play happiness. 
DIY Bookshelf Dollshouse
Image source: Mammpappabubba

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