Friday, 4 November 2016

Degustabox October - was it a trick or a treat?

Degustabox October was most definitely a treat! Some really tasty goodies for autumnal snacks and warming food.
Degustabox October 2016

So how about a tasty bowl of soup?

IAM SOUPER soup is a delcious soup in a carton that is full of gorgeous chunky ingredients. We received the Supergreens and the Pulled Pork and Jalapenos flavours. As you can see above, that's the pulled pork one, it is so, so, chunky and that is really going to keep you going on a chilly day. It's a high protein soup so should keep you fuller for longer. £1.49
Souper soup

Pitch Choco Bars £1.40
The trick or treaters were not getting their hands on these! A brioche with a solid mini bar of milk chocolate. Yes please! Will be looking out for these in the shops. Delicious.
delicious chocolate
Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks £1.99
We have had these as part of Degustabox before. I enjoyed them then and of course I enjoyed them this time too. Only downside is that they are one of those snacks that you really need to brush your teeth after. Lightly salted rice sticks baked and made from green peas and low calorie. Like a posh chipstick :) 
Pea Sticks
Robinsons Squash'd Orange £2.49
I have tried these before and enjoyed them, handy little plastic containers of squash to pop into your bag. There are 6 flavours and we tried the orange one. These are so, so handy for us as Little Bird only drinks orange juice so very handy to take with us on days out, just dilute with water. Also when we go and visit my parents it saves us taking a full standard size bottle of squash. A useful product. 
Robinsons Orange Juice
Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat n'Cook £1.00
I love it when Degustabox choose items that I can use as a main dinner, helps me with jazzing up meals so this Levi Roots sauce was used in a couple of meals with chicken where I coated the sauce on and then baked or I even added it to baked beans to make them tastier. A great item and it was very hot so really kept the chill off!
Levi Roots sauce
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme £1.00
Degustabox have outdone themselves with this one, Hershey's chocolate and King Size! Cookie pieces and smooth creaminess. Perfection. I had about two pieces before it was promptly taken off me by my 6 year old chocoholic. I wanted it too to help me get through my uni work....
Maggi Fusion Noodles 2 x £1.39
Maggi are a brand I've used before, they do a great range in packets of food mix for casseroles and chillis etc. They also do these noodles, bringing a taste of Asia as everything you need for a light lunch or to make up dinner in the evening is in this little packet - noodles, sachet of flavouring oil and dried veggies. And here is a huge plate of tasty food for an autumn evening. 
Maggi noodles
Beloved Date Fruit Hearts 2 x 75p
I think we may have tried Beloved date bars before but these are little hearts - look how cute they are. 100% date fruit with hints of natural flavouring. Gluten free and suitable for vegans. There are five hearts in each packet. 
Beloved Dates
Heinz Kid's Pasta Shapes £1.19
Heinz Kid's Pasta Sauce £1.55
50% wholewheat Minions and a smooth tomato pasta sauce to go alongside it. No added sugar or salt and enjoyed by all of us with some roasted butternut squash. I actually think we all prefer kid's pasta and have since bought some in the weekly shop. The pasta sauce was really, really good.
Minion pasta by Heinz
Jim-Jams 83% Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread £2.59
Gluten free and diabetic friendly chocolate spread. I've been having a teaspoon of this to satisfy a sweet craving but I am going to bake a cake and use the rest to sandwich it together. A versatile product for the kitchen cupboard - how about chocolate pancakes or dipping fruit into it. Super item for Degustabox to add this month.
Chocolate spread

Probably one of my top Degustabox months in terms of fab products, really pleased with the offering. 

If you would like to try and experience the surprise of a Degustabox, the code 1GWLB will get you £7 off so the box will just cost you £5.99 including delivery. Well worth trying for some autumn and winter pick-me-ups whilst hibernating at home.
Pumpkin lantern

* I received a Degustabox for the purpose of the review, words are my own honest opinion.


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