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Winter styling ideas with a Scandi feel

I think winter home styling might be my favourite for it's all glowing lights and nesting with layers and the snug feeling of relaxing in the cosy rooms you have created. The style that I instantly think of is Scandinavian and that fresh simplicity but warmth and that word which I used to love s much but now it's everywhere.......hygge *screams!*

But although the word hygge is now ingratiatingly overused, I still love the ethos and above all I love Scandinavian and winter style and try to recreate elements of it in my own home for Christmas.
Scandinavian snow flakes
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Natural decorations:
Add lots of greenery, wooden decorations and pine cones. This weekend I purchased a small fir tree for the windowsill, a sprinkling of glitter and a little red pot, it may not be snowing outside but I have that wintry feeling. Think of gathered fir and conifer shaped onto wire wreaths and mossy pots of hyacinth. A trip to a local florist or supermarket at this time of year can yield inexpensive greenery to decorate the home with. Zinc tubs of holly and a single fir branch in a glass bottle are so simplistic yet very effective.
greenery wreaths in a window
One Kindesign
My favourite, a gentle source of light for the room from tea lights in lanterns to dinner candles and pillar candles arranged in all sorts of displays using greenery. You can really creative with the moss, pine cones, fir and holly - collect some from a winter's walk or the garden. Sometimes as I'm out and about I'll see bundles of holly being sold on a country lane with an honesty box. Children in the house, be safe and use battery tealights and candles or strings of fairy lights. 
Simple candles for Christmas

Textiles and furniture
A new throw or a new statement piece for the room. Look at designer chairs and homeware to brighten a room up, layer with knitted blankets. I love the crisp feel of reds and whites together for Nordic inspired rooms. The shops are full of cushions with snowflake detail and festive colours in which you can add to a sofa or a bed for a quick seasonal update.
Taverne Agency

The tree of course!
Christmas is on its way and this weekend will be time for me to put the tree up. I'd like to have a smaller tree and pop it in a bucket this year, decorate simply with warm white lights for a simplistic look. I love the dinky trees that you can pick up from the Christmas markets or from the local shops. If you have the room, a tree in the kitchen or the hallway looks really cute and is a pretty welcome for guests. I have a mini tree at the front door which was a bargain supermarket buy that has grown so pot grown trees are worth the investment for future years. 
Small Christmas tree in a kitchen
Willow Decor
Kitchen treats
Frosted cookies in jars and cinnamon sticks add prettiness to gorgeous Christmas scents to the kitchen. Bake a batch of pepparkakor biscuits - orange zest, ginger, brown sugar..... get the cookie cutters out and then ice them with white icing in delicate designs. Each year we like to ice a gingerbread house and I like to leave it a little while, so beautiful as a decoration in the kitchen that I hate to eat it.
Frosted cookie in jars
Vibeke Design
At Christmas market you will find stalls selling lots and lots of these paper lantern stars, different colours, golds and silvers,  and intrinsic paper-cut designs. A Swedish tradition and you could try to make your own to hang in a window. An inexpensive way to bring a hint on Scandinavia to your home

Swedish stars
Planete Deco

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