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Degustabox January

Degustabox January

The Degustabox January selection was a mixed bag for me in terms of yes I loved a couple of items but a few I was not able to eat due to dietary reasons. 
Finn Crisp sourdough crackers

Absolutely love these, Finn Crisp are a crunchy crispbread baked with sourdough. It has a unique tangy taste that took a little bit of getting used to but I am now a convert, especially since each one is only 22 calories! For a snack, one of these with some salad or cheese on is a tasty offering and helps me on my diet plan. At £1.20 I will definitely be looking out for these and adding them to my monthly shop. 

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks were another winner in February's box, an unusual taste but again highly addictive and at 22 calories for a 21g serving they are a nice snack in between meals. Made with baked peas and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, they are healthier than the usual crisps. I will also be buying these again as they are a quirky treat. £2.00
Paleo friendly Cro Bar

OK, this was a terrible occurrence here - I'm a vegetarian and have been since at Primary School, I'm pretty strict and also pretty stupid to not check labels. All I saw was peanut crunch, bit in and then saw made with cricket flour!!! Quick spit out, spit out and rush to the bathroom to brush my teeth extensively and yuk, yuk what on earth. Awful, this is a energy bar made from ground up crickets - runs off and vomits. Too weird thank you very much and makes me think of that terrible celebrity jungle programme. This was a DB's Discovery offering and it from Crobar by Gathr £2.25 NEVER stop checking labels veggie friends. 
Organic raw chocolate

Luckily I was calmed down by this bar of Conscious Chocolate, raw, organic, vegan choc! There are three flavours - Plain Jane, Intense and Chilli Hot bar. I tried the Intense which is dark chocolate infused with vanilla and very nice it was too over the course of a few days. Very strong chocolate and just a couple of pieces were enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. A sumptuous treat £3.00

Slim Noodles are an interesting product made from organic Konjac flour which is the corm (bulb) of a Japanese plant used as an alternative to noodle with zero carbs and only 9 calories per 100g serving. OH had these and sadly he didn't like them, even jazzed up with some chilli and added to some beef he wouldn't have them again. A shame really as it's amazing for a low calorie diet. £2.49

Amoy's New Taste of Asia range are cooking sauces for a quick meal, these were Thai Green Curry and Malaysian Laksa. Unfortunately, OH doesn't like this type of sauce and thry contain seafood so I couldn't have them. £1.79 each
Chinese beer
Tsingtao is a fine beer from China founded by The Anglo-German Brewery Co in 1903, brewed using pure Laoshan Mountain spring water and the finest malt and hops and blend rice from Western China paddy fields. A great Chinese beer for the New Year that was in February. OH enjoyed this beer, said it was crisp and refreshing and would pick it up again from the shops, £2.00 a bottle.
Clarks Low GI Syrup

Clarks Carob fruit syrup £2.39 a bottle is sweet and low in GI made from the Mediterranean Carob plant. Can be used for all manner of uses from sweetening tea and coffee or in baking. We have yet to use this as baking has been on hold due to a health kick but with Easter coming up it WILL be used. One to report back on but it seems a great idea.
Coldpress Golden Delicious
Coldpress Golden Delicious was lovely and so much so that I guzzled it and clean forgot to take a picture. I'd heard of cold presses but not know what they are - basically not heat pasteurised so the nutrients are retained and that gives a fresher taste. A lovely zingy drink for the spring and for a vitamin C boost I would try the drink again. £1.40

Finally Jordans Country Crisp Fruit & Nut, a brand of cereal I have tried before and love. This is crunchy golden oat clusters with fruits and nuts  - apple, coconut and banana chips etc that is a super treat although I had to limit myself as it tasted quite sugary and I'm trying to cut down on these kinds of cereals - a lovely weekend breakfast instead. £2.69

Degustabox is a total surprise each month and this box was not as good as previous for us, I think the currys we couldn't use and the energy bar experience disappointed me but they are still great for foodies wanted a surprise each month. If you would like to try, BLDEG15 will fetch you a grand £6 discount on your Degustabox

*I was sent a Degustabox for the purpose of the review, opinions are my own honest experience.


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