Thursday, 12 March 2015

A secret garden

Green-doorway We found a little secret garden in February, they still had their Christmas tree up, it was obviously that secret that they too had forgotten.

An Italian courtyard in an old roofless building from long ago. Past woodpiles and old garden equipment were bay trees and ferns beside garden urns. Simple yet beautiful and lots of symmetry.
stacked logs
vintage basket symmetry tiles This once was the tenant's hall, you can see the fireplace it was once the wall and all the workers would have ate here and had their Christmas parties and gatherings by a roaring fire.Italian-garden-at-Rode-Hall Fir-tree-with-natural-decorations Decorated-fir-tree During World War 1, the whole estate was used as a Red Cross hospital and this tenant's hall was used to entertain the soldier patients.

And then in World War 2, the local Home Guard used the room as their base camp.

A room full of emotion.

palms-and-broken-windows Fern etagere
Sadly in the 1950's the room fell into disrepair and the roof crumbled but it more recent times it was made a secure shell and an Italian garden was made of this historical room. An Italian tribute to a lady called Ada Bootle Wilbraham, a member of the family who planted hundreds of English roses at the romantic Gardens of Ninfa in Italygarden-in-a-roofless-building overgrownThere was something quite exciting about this little garden. Murmurs of the past mixed with sweet perfume from a pink flowering shrub and Italian cypress trees stood still, soldier like. A place to sit still for a little while and soak in the atmosphere.Italian-garden-Rode-Hall
This was from our snowdrop walk at Rode Hall and Gardens, Cheshire which have now finished but the garden will be reopening on April 1st.


Mammasaurus said...

What a find - I could happily while away the hours there. As you say, a place full of emotion. I'm always humbled by places with history that seems to live on in the feelings the place gives off. The rake and the logs are just simple beauty - Ah I think I am in love.... Bet it's not on Rightmove though. Rats foiled again!

Thank you for joining in again lovely - great having you back x

lilmuselily said...

how amazing!!!! you found a real gem

Kriss MacDonald said...

This looks like such a magical find - had to go and read your previous post too. I was imagining it too in days of past after reading your wonderful post.

Helen Sims The good life mum said...

what a wonderful place. i want to explore with you

Mrs Fox said...

How beautiful and Rode Hall & Gardens certainly look worth a visit.

Ness said...

What a find! it seems a mix of days past and forgotten combined with spirits of the present.

Stephanie Robinson said...

What a beautiful space - and love that it's so secret it still has its christmas tree. Ab fab as they say! #hdygg

Alina Isaev said...

Fresh and exiting :) what a fascinating place!

The Fairytale Pretty Picture

76 sunflowers said...

What an amazing looking place - love the brick walls and windows.

Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault said...

Oh, those stories could tell some stories if they could talk. What an absolutely fascinating place.

M Haspell said...

Great article, we keep chickens at home. It is such fun seeing them peck around. I found a beginners guide - have fun keeping your chickens!

dorissander said...

that is really such an interesting looking little courtyard.

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