Saturday, 21 March 2015

Getting a good night's sleep at last

In our home it is such fun and games as the bedtime routine starts. Little Bird has autism and sleep is very difficult for him. In fact I am off to a sleep workshop this week to try and find out ways to improve the bedtime situation. One thing that was problematic was my mattress, as the springs were broken on one side, nearly bursting through the fabric and digging into my back. There is no room to manoeuvre around them when a 5 year old who will not sleep in his own bed also shares. Frequently, once he actually has drifted off, he is then positioned horizontally across the bed. Meanwhile I am crunched up on the edge, on the broken bit. Hence, my back was hurting from the springs and being in such an uncomfortable position.
I was overjoyed when I had the opportunity to review a Dormeo Memory Foam mattress. I literally felt like throwing the old spring mattress straight out of the window. I chose a Dormeo Memory Fresh mattress as it has a CleanEffect treatment to keep bacteria and dust mites at bay and I've been noticing that both myself and LB have been sniffling a lot every morning. Plus with his autism, I like to make sure that there are no added nasties getting into his system - fresh and clean is what we want.

The mattress arrived in a surprising fashion, all rolled up and in a slim and easy to manoeuvre box. Vacuum packed which was a lot of fun for LB when I unwrapped it and it started to expand. Lots of giggles.
Coming to life!
There was my lovely memory foam mattress, I've never had this type before and didn't really know what they were all about. The material is one that cleverly moulds to the contours of your body and is pressure relieving so very good for aching joints like I have, more noticeably every year. Getting old hey......

Memory foam mattresses can feel warmer that sprung ones but I am a person who feels quite chilly at night and has hot water bottles even in the summer months so sounds good. I've tried the mattress over the last couple of weeks and it has been so comfortable and cosy.

It has been such a joy to not have the lumpy mattress I had before, now I feel like my back is supported and I have had a good night's sleep.
Silver fibre, a natural antibiotic
The Dormeo Fresh memory foam mattress is 15cm thick made up of a 12cm Ecocell® layer (promotes air circulation), the 2cm memory foam and then topped with a silver fibre cover. The silver fibres have both antibacterial and anti-odour properties for a fresh and clean mattress. Also great is that there is an antistatic shield to protect from dust particles that cause allergies settling so hopefully my sniffles will be reduced.

Of course the proper test is for bouncability and my 5 year old can confirm that it passed the test.

We have had some comfy sleep on the mattress and LB has been very settled too, sleeping through thankfully! Now to get him into his bed!

Here are my other top tips for a good night's sleep as well as a great mattress:

Get rid of the clutter. Too many bits and pieces around the room keeps your mind whirring.

Layers of blankets rather than one thick duvet. I love having different layers so I can alter the temperature as I please.

Fresh bedding - I just bought some seasonal bedding with Spring hares on it (you can see it in the above picture)

Limit your use of iPads, laptops and phones once in bed. I am always so guilty of this but it is such a bad idea for your sleep as it suppresses the melatonin levels that encourage sleep.

Listening to music or audio books is a better option. At my local book group, one of the members mentioned that she listened to podcasts of radio programmes, that way it didn't matter if she fell asleep during them as opposed to audio books where you have to find the last place you last.

**This was a collaborative post with Dormeo, words and views are all my own**
The Dormeo Memory Fresh Double Mattress retails at the sale price of £199.99


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