Monday, 23 March 2015

My solar eclipse memories

Here in Cheshire we were lucky to see the solar eclipse and here it is like the Cheshire cat's smile.

Such a strange sensation, the sky become dusky, everything felt silent. Like a dull cloudy morning but the atmosphere felt still.

A pair of wood pigeons landed in the tree opposite my house started roosting in their tree.

After the solar eclipse I did notice that the birds were singing again, was this the false dawn chorus? Had it really caused such a behavioural response?

Some facts:

If you missed it, there will be another total eclipse of the same size in 2026.

How marvellous that an eclipse happens - the sun is 400 times larger in diameter than the moon and 400 times further away.

In the UK, for the most, we were able to see a 96% eclipse. For a total eclipse Svalbard, in the Norwegian archipelago or the Faroe Islands, between Norway and Iceland were the best places to be.

Bailey's Beads  are the bright uneven edges at totality (when the moon obscures the sun), like beads due to the sun shining through the  rocky surface of the lunar landscape. The last bead that brightly shines is referred to as the diamond ring effect.

Solar prominences are plasma flares that can be seen under totality.

In places like Svalbard, the chroma, red gassy atmosphere can be seen.

The moon moves 3cm away from the earth every year. One day, 500 millions of years away, there will be no solar eclipse.


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