Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Super spring bathroom updates

As part of the spring cleaning routine, the bathroom offers many opportunities for sprucing up on a budget and you can make plenty of easy updates to create a fresh new space. After a winter of darkness I look forward to bringing light and colours into the whole house and this is easy done in a bathroom with these ideas:

Clean and declutter:
Firstly, a thorough cleaning session will enhance the bathroom. Get your rubber gloves and scrub away all the mildew and limescale that builds up through combination of lack of ventilation and constant dampness. Shower curtains can get so mouldy and discoloured, so perhaps think about investing in one of the  sleek glass shower screens from My Bathrooms that will sparkle and help give the illusion of more space in your bathroom.

If you are like me and have plenty of children's bath toys around the bathroom, have a sort through and tidy them up. I clean my son's squeaky ducks and squirty dolphins in sterilising solution and regularly replace them when the rubber starts to wear. There are plenty of cool storage options for toys to tidy them away so you can have an adult space too.

Clever storage is crucial, wicker baskets for all your toiletries or a smart cabinet keeps all your items together rather than lined up along the bath/shower. Floating wall shelves can be both functional and decorative, making use of all available space so floor space is freed up.

Fresh New Colours:
I love fluffy towels and in the spring why not buy some pretty new ones in bright contemporary colours or even floral ones for a vintage feel. Towel bales look great on open shelves and can change the colour scheme in a bathroom quickly and easily. Accessories from toothbrush holders, containers and colourful shower curtains provide instant impact and there are plenty of choices out there to suit all tastes.

For a fresh new look consider painting the walls a new hue or simply white for a wonderful minimalistic look or as a clear base to accent with colourful elements like a floral roller blind or geometric floor tiles.

Bathroom Art:
A gallery display of artwork makes a striking addition to a bathroom and I love this idea of using vintage mirrors to create a feature wall. Mirrors of course scatter the light and in your average bathroom which are usually fairly small, this can help make the space feel brighter and larger.

Stylish additions such as glamorous lighting add to the character, why not consider a chandelier and a row of glass storage jars or candles on a shelf catching the light looks very sophisticated.

Now just add those bubbles and relax!

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