Friday, 30 January 2015

Brrrr the chill starts

a cold day
window ledge window-basket pawprints outhouse-door rooftop son snowing-in-the-back-garden snow-falling-on-rooftops  fairytale-book-and-candle snow falling snow on terraced houses
A few ice crystals resting in a basket of geraniums was the mornings view from my kitchen window and as I lit the first fire of the day the sky started to bounce with hail. Perfect orbs like polystyrene pinging off the decking and gathering in grooves. The dog ran quickly out and in again - not lingering in this skittering sleet.

We settled for a winter's day filled with homely warmth, feeding the fire and ourselves with a stack of books and puzzles by candlelight. Whilst a noisy house went about its day, the snow started to fall unbeknown to us. By the time we looked outside, huge flouncy flakes were obscuring the view. Across the rooftops, the town drifted off in a flurry and we went back inside because you do know that snow showers slow down when you watch them don't you.......?


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