Monday, 26 January 2015

How to update your bedroom for spring

The snowdrops are in flower and soon the daffodils will be nodding their yellow heads, spring is starting to show and for me it is time to look ahead and spruce up the home ready for the new season.

As soon as there are blue skies and I can hear the birds tweeting, the windows are flung open and I want to bring the spring sunshine into the house. Each room needs freshness bringing in and I love to start with the bedrooms - goodbye to the heavy quilts and hot water bottles and hello to light and airiness.

Fresh bedding:
Pastel colours and florals inject a feeling of spring straight away. New bedding makes a big impact to a bedroom and is a quick and inexpensive way to change a colour scheme. I still like to layer the bed with a bedspread for the sometimes chilly nights until summer but want a lighter feel than my thick quilt in winter. For a guest room, pretty patterned bed linen combined with a single metal bed will give a vintage feel that I adore and make your visitors feel welcomed and comfortable. Mix and match cushions add personality and I like to choose quirky ones in different textures and patterns.
Cath Kidston floral bedding

Upcycling Furniture:
Hand me a paint brush and I'm as happy as a songbird in spring -splish, splash, out with the white paint and the pastels. Rather than buying new furniture, consider giving existing pieces a new look. Chalky paints are a favourite of mine and will instantly brighten up a room. I find using white make a room feel peaceful and less cluttered. It's fun scouring our local junk shop too for interesting pieces that I can transform and create a unique item from.
white and grey bedroom

Jugs and vases of spring flowers, floral wall prints, a fresh new rug - all quick ways to infuse the tones of spring into a bedroom. Perhaps a new wall mirror that will bounce the long awaited sunlight around the room creating your new season retreat. I love bird themed pieces for my bedroom at this time of year and a floral scented candle for my old fireplace mantle. Perfect for when I have some time to myself to relax on the bed with a gardening magazine or book, a really chilled out space.
Spring bedroom with pretty flowers

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