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Winter buggy walks

One of my earliest memories is of my mother pushing me down the road in my Maclaren buggy to playgroup. I can still remember the noise of the wheels as they went over the pavement and my little feet in shiny patent leather shoes perched on the footrest. Of course that was in the 1980’s but it is good to see that Maclaren are still going strong and a British brand to be proud of.    

In the wintertime my mother and I still did that regular walk for my mother did not drive. The buggy was my mode of transport and I was huddled in a squishy snow suit braving all kinds of weather. As a mother now myself I have also experienced the same joy that of pushing a buggy down the road containing the most precious person in the world. I loved the blissful days of buggy adventures we experienced through the seasons. Even though it is winter don’t let the chill put you off, burn those post-Christmas calories away and exercise whilst treating your well wrapped up little one to the sights and sounds of the world around them. Here are a few ideas of perfect places to inspire you for wonderful winter buggy walks:
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Seaside buggy strolling:
A bracing walk alongside a seaside promenade will surely blow the cobwebs away. Of course we have plenty to choose from in the UK with our spectacular coastal resorts that offer so many delights to see and do. From long esplanades, seagulls and waves to amusement arcades and fairgrounds, it’s all great fun and there are usually plenty of cafes for a well-earned rest and to warm up at.

Buggy ride to feed the ducks:
There are so many fantastic parks to stroll around on a chilly day, even better if you are pushing a classy red buggy like the Maclaren Globetrotter from with your tots safe and snug inside cuddled in a buggy blanket. Take your bag of bread and feed the ducks and then have fun on the swings in a play area. From local town parks, deer parks and city parks with their Victorian splendour, all have something for everyone and more often than not a decent pathway for easy buggy handling.  I love the Royal Parks in London for their great paths and culture. Plenty of benches to take a rest upon whilst learning a touch of history along the way.

Spotting the wildlife
Lots of woodlands and forests have pathways suitable for pushchairs and on a winter’s day there is still plenty of wildlife to spot together. A great adventure and some of the Forestry Commission forests have a Gruffalo trail that will keep the kid’s entertained.  Not forgetting our rich heritage in the many canal towpaths we have where a buggy stroll will show you a slice of life on the water. Nearby to my house we have two fantastic rivers and a lock system that is fascinating. On a frosty January day I would push my son along this busy path and we would see many a brightly coloured boat.

So don’t let the cold days keep you and your tot inside. Wrap up warm, get the buggy out and get to know your local area. Venturing out will recharge your batteries, boosting your health and of course a learning experience for your child. There are many organised buggy walks too if you’d feel safer that way and they are perfect for making new friends.  I always found that my son had a good snooze on a walk so it often gave me a little me time to stop off for a cup of tea.  Bliss!
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