Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Lucia Day #Bostik Bloggers

The latest Bostik Bloggers theme is Christmas and influenced by the Swedish tradition of Lucia Day we have made a candle crown and star wand. You can read all about the St Lucy celebrations here

Bostik Bloggers December

We used:

Twisty green foliage wires
Shiny gold pipe cleaners
Blu Tack fine & wide glu pen
Red felt
make a St Lucy crown Twist the green wired together into a ring to fit your head. Then fold a sheet of red felt over length ways and then fold again so you have a strip of folded felt. Now cut into squares of about 5 inches, each of these then are rolled up to be the candle.

red felt Before rolling up and fixing with Blu Tack fine & wide glu pen, push the gold pipe cleaner through until the top is poking through by about half an inch -these is the candle flame, The rest of the pipe cleaner is used to wrap around and secure to the green wreath. Then cut off what is now required and use to make the other candles. I made 4 but could fit more onto the wreath if I wanted.

red candle crownThe final St Lucia wreath/crown.
Lucia wreath

Then we made a star boy wand, these are the boys who accompany St Lucy and her handmaidens in the Lucia Day procession. They have decorated conical star hats and star wands.

We used:

Gold card
A star template (actually used a Christmas decoration)
Lolly sticks
Blu Tack fine & wide glu pen  photo P1070762_zpsiwpxkdj6.jpg
Draw around the star template and cut out two gold stars.

Attach the stars using Blu Tack Fine & wide glu pen to the lolly sticks to make your wand. gold wands for Lucia Day Lucia celebrations

Last month we did Snow crafts.

The craft box was provided to me by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club


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