Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A night at the movies

We love watching films although we don't always get the chance but recently we were able to get together for an evening to watch Jurassic World courtesy of Gracewell care homes. With buckets of pop corn and some retro sweets we all tucked in and watched, sometimes I hid behind a cushion as those dinosaurs are pretty scary!

Films are a great way of bringing the generations together. Over the years, particularly around Christmas time my family have watched a classic film or a cartoon feature together - Chicken Run was always popular or a Miracle on 34th Street. With my Nana and my parents, fire blazing and content after a big meal, I have many happy memories of winter time movie nights.

Gracewell are a care home provider who believe that every resident and their family have individual needs. Movie nights are regular at Gracewell care homes and families are encouraged to also attend. 

We all had a cosy time with our DVD and treats, I'm hoping we can do more of this over the Christmas holiday, it's nice now my son will sit down and watch something for a while as he struggled with sitting still even for a minute so now it's fantastic that he will join in.

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