Monday, 13 January 2014

Winter Zoo

cold walk at the zoo zoo picture Spectacled Bear in the spectacled bear hut Zoo Monorail zoo wetlands Zoo waterfall A huddle of cheetahs Tribal statue
The zoo out of season, chilly but quiet. Leisurely strolls around with no crowds. Some animals hiding, some enjoying the joy of old Christmas trees in their enclosures. The lions love it, like cat nip. Cheetahs huddled together, looking harmless and cuddly. Monkeys staying inside amongst the lush vegetation. Bits and bobs of Christmas still around - Santa was found in the bat cave of all places. Finally, getting a picture of Little Bird looking at the camera, my trick - say 'ready' and then LB will give great eye contact and say 'steady go' with a cute smile!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

The cold weather is one of the upsides for visiting attractions - no crowds! It looks like you had a great family day out and managed to capture some lovely photos too. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

over40andamumtoone said...

I love the zoo but have never thought to go at this time of year - probably should!

Laura Rocksteady said...

What a great idea for winter - a trip to the zoo, the closet one to us is just over an hour away and we might make the trip there later this month - it's great to go when there are less crowds and it's nice to be able to take your time. Looks like you family had a wonderful day out :)

Great post, just popping over from country kids

Laura x

rebecca beesley said...

looks like a lovely day out. xxx

sabrina montagnoli said...

sounds like a great day out!

TheBoyandMe said...

Lovely photo looking straight at the lens, it's such a tricky thing to do isn't it? I'd love a go on that monorail!

Catherine Graham said...

You don't tend to think of visiting a zoo in Winter, but this proves that its even better out of season. Great photos too! Glad to have popped over from #CountryKids

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