Friday, 31 January 2014

Kitchen worktop options

Our current kitchen worktop is wooden and needs replacing at some point. Around the sink area through getting continually wet, it has started to rot away and looks unsightly. It also scratches very easily and isn't resilient to a hot pan accidentally placed on it and if not oiled will really start to lose its finish. When we come to replace our worktops there are a few different options to consider rather than wood which in our case would require too much upkeep.

Attractive, low maintenance and extremely tough this is a popular choice and you don't have to worry if you briefly put your saucepan down on it as it is heat resilient. I love its glossy look although there are plenty of other finishes and you can choose many different shades to suit your kitchen's style. The initial cost is higher than other options but you certainly won't be needing to replace it with being so hard wearing, so it is cost effective in the long run. Granite suits all kitchens from modern to country and expert suppliers such as London Granite will advise on the best design for your kitchen. I think the granite look instantly updates a kitchen making it look bespoke and luxurious

Also very strong and able to withstand temperatures and stains, quartz is available in so many colour and pattern options, some are quite contemporary looking like white with specks of red and would make a sparkly fun-style kitchen. Easy to clean so perfect for a working family kitchen like ours and as I do a lot of baking, I'd want a surface where I could directly roll my dough out on with the confidence that it is a hygienic. I particularly like the many positive properties of quartz such as it being non porous and therefore not requiring sealing and it would therefore be a top contender for my worktop replacements.

A beautiful natural product and like granite although more expensive, it will last a lifetime. Very easy to maintain and extremely durable. We use a marble cutting board and it has been amazing, taking a lot of hot oven trays and pans in addition to doing all my food preparation on it. Perhaps a bit too traditional looking for my liking but a whole work surface of marble would so practical.

Stainless Steel
Used in commercial kitchens for its all round resilience to heat, stains and water. Very hygienic but I think would be too industrial looking for our home. I also imagine it would get greasy paw prints on it off my son and easily show fine scratches.

Very modern and available in a huge range of colours. Toughened glass is resistant to heat but can get scratched although they can be polished out. Sounds a bit too labour intensive for our kitchen although the colours appeal and it would really give a kitchen the wow factor.

Cheap and cheerful and available in plenty of finishes but can start to wear very quickly and is easily damaged. Scratches can start to harbour bacteria making it unhygienic. Great as a quick fix on a budget but I would rather save a while longer for a more robust worktop like granite or quartz.

All options would certainly require some upkeep and is always advisable to use trivets for hot pans and to clear spills up immediately but I think when the time comes to replace our extremely worn wooden worktops we will be opting for the high quality but contemporary finish of granite or quartz. As we intend to stay in our current home for a good while longer, it will be a good investment to use the harder wearing materials so that when we come to sell, the kitchen will look in super condition.

Disclosure: This post was written on behalf of London Granite who are experts in stone installations in the home from worktops to floors.


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