Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hive Active Heating - Keeping you warm & saving you money

In the week, myself and Little Bird are in and out the house a lot - out to preschool and back, trips out and meeting friends. At this time of year I absolutely hate coming back into a cold house and I don't like leaving the dogs for too long in a chilly sitting room but then neither do I like leaving the heating on for ages with the cost of bills these days. Sometimes we decide to do things spur of the moment and as much as I rave about our woodburner, there are sadly no fire lighting pixies that lovingly create a perfect fire and toasty home for our arrival. No, it is like stepping into a fridge at time - these Victorian houses get very cold!

I recently saw a very chirpy advert and it was about a new service called Hive Active Heating . Basically you can control your home's heating and hot water remotely through an app - so good for me as I love my gadgets. Instead of coming back to that icy home or no water for a hot shower, you can come back to a lovely warm cosy house. This would be great for me, worrying that the dogs are cold when we are out for the day I could simply turn the heating on for them - awww, that would make me feel better as they are both getting older and like their warm sofa in the back room.

For £199 an engineer can install the system into your home and it doesn't matter who your energy supplier is. There is the thermostat, a small hub into your internet router, a receiver next to your boiler and finally the app is installed on your iPhone/Android phone, laptop etc. It's all very sleek looking and the system enables you to both monitor and adjust heating and water from wherever you are and also makes sure that your water pipes do not freeze. 
The system would be great for us especially, as with our future plans to home educate Little Bird we will be no doubt in and out of the house all day long, visiting places as the mood takes us. If we get caught out in the pouring rain I can turn the water heating on there and then, ready for a hot bath when we get in - hooray! Also the number of times I've switched on the hot water for whatever reason and then forgotten to turn it off! I usually remember whilst I'm out and curse myself at the money I'm wasting - no problem with Hive Active Heating, you can just turn it off through your phone. Money saved. 

What's also good about the system is that you can create a heating schedule in tune with your daily lifestyle so the temperature is changed throughout the day and of course can be altered very quickly if plans change. All great for saving you money which will always make me happy.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.


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