Sunday, 19 January 2014

Victorian Party

Victorian ladies at Warwick CastleWe haven't been stepping out too much of late preferring to hide away a lot during winter so inspired by The Boys and Me's post last week about their wonderful summer's day trip to Lanhydrock, Cornwall I thought I'd share a trip we made in the autumn to Warwick Castle. I've mentioned the castle before but it was that brilliant and I took that many photographs of the different areas that it was too many for one post. This is the Royal Party Weekend with the Victorians and their shenanigans. 
The Royal Weekend Party musical Victorian girl
A spot of music and a tour around the grand rooms of the Countess and Earl of Warwick.
Pretty bedroom Peering out the window over the River Avon. It was a glorious autumn day. I can't wait for some spring sunshine now to start the country again. I'm a bit of a wimp with the cold, although we are going for a little walk tomorrow.Looking through the window at Warwick portraitVictorian high society looked a lot more fun than I thought it would be. After reading about the Countess 'Daisy', she certainly lived a busy life and caused a lot of scandals with her affairs, especially with Edward VII (the playboy son of Queen Victoria). The models are so life like that you really can believe that you are watching a snapshot in time - ghostly socialites. 
Victorian singing lady Warwick Castle stained glass The gentleman playing cards. What ho!Duke of Marlborough
 It was a very engaging display of rooms, even entertaining Little Bird but there was music playing and recordings as if the wax models were talking. Truly brought it all to life and it was fun inspecting the rooms and their attention to detail. 
Vintage photos old booksWe encountered the Earl in his bedroom getting ready for the evening. Excuse us Sir! Twas a little bit creepy at times and there were some dour characters sat around in the library and a strange maid on the landing.  Earl of Warwick bookshelves We still have some time left on our Merlin pass so I'd like to go back again and take a closer look at these characters - now LB's speech has come we could go around naming things we see in the rooms.
 Hopefully be back outdoors again for next week's Country Kids!
old photo
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

I haven't been to Warwick Castle in years! Looks like great fun!

Kriss MacDonald said...

I'd love to see this exhibition. Warwick Castle is now on my list to visit.

Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

What a wonderful stately home, it really gives a sense of stepping back in time. As you say the models are very life like and maybe a little creepy. I would imagine the grounds are beautiful and very well maintained and worthy of a visit in the Springtime. Thanks for linking up and sharing your visit with Country Kids.

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