Monday, 6 January 2014


4th birthday cards
4 today Little Bird. We just had a little party for you with nana, grandad and Great Nan. A bit of a polar theme as you love penguins so much, closely followed by sea creatures. I think you can name all your animals now and now we are moving onto the next level of animals, different species. Today you learnt the word stingray. Little Bird is 4 sea creatures penguin parade You took your time opening presents, it did all get a bit too much for you so some are still under your birthday tree. Today you opened a cuddly Gruffalo, a Trunki, a train set and a wonderful wooden sorting game. Animals too, of course, for your collection - a raccoon, baby panda, a skunk and a bag of creatures from the deep Trunki polar bear cake
I made you a cake, as I always do. This year it was supposed to be a polar bear. He had chocolate in the middle and cream cheese frosting, lots of glitter and a 4 candle that I will put on the printers tray next to last year's 3 candle. Ah....growing up.Great Nan and Little BirdYou amazed us all today with your skills at recognising words and then matching them - flashcard to iPad. Clever boy. I will encourage you and believe in you every day.4 balloon 4 today!Happy Birthday Little Bird. May all your dreams come true. xxx


Gillian Roe said...

Happy Birthday to your boy. I love your birthday tree idea. x

Galina V said...

Happy birthday to your little man! What a cute cake! I bet my son would have loved a slice or two.

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