Wednesday, 1 January 2014

No January Blues

Hello January This year I am going to try and not get the January blues. The dark, cold days will not get me down after a light filled Christmas. Embrace the wet days, enjoy the mini hibernation, save some pennies and plan for the year ahead. This month's project is the neglected allotment, to get it ready for the spring. This blog is also going to have a few changes and I'm going to try and revisit my knowledge of tinkering around with the template - wish me luck. Happy 2014 everyone!


Toffeeapple said...

Revamping? Very exciting. That should keep you busy and your mind off the dismal.

laura said...

Happy New year!

Happy Homebird said...

A lovely Happy New Year to you too x

Happy Homebird said...

Yes and it certainly is grim out there tonight,

Julie Wagner said...

It's always good to start something new in the New year. Hope it fills the need for you. Have a great New Year!

Melanie C said...

I'm hoping my cheerfulness will last throughout January too, fingers crossed! :) xx

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