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Snug but open plan autumn living

I absolutely love autumn and when the clocks go back it is even better for I love the long, dark evenings where I can light candles, settle down by the woodburner and relax a little. Give me blankets and warm socks, a stack of books and the family at home together playing board games, watching a film or pottering about doing our own stuff. However, it can get a little cramped over the autumn and winter months and I long to open up the downstairs layout so whilst it will still feel cosy it's also spacious and airy.
open plan living
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An open space that is separated into different areas by clever styling so a kitchen combined with a family area where we are all together and can cosy up on the sofa or do homeschool work on the table. Open plan spaces encourage interaction and I'd love that whilst I'm cooking dinner I can keep an eye on my son or just all be able to chat without it feeling as if everyone migrates to different rooms.

For flexibility of open plan but being able to section an area off, how about folding doors that can easily open up a room to instantly create a larger space. Maybe in the evening closing the doors between sections for a smaller snug area and opening them in the daytime for busy family life. This woukd be the best of both worlds and a practical solution to combining open plan living and wanting to feel a bit like hibernating at times!
Folding doors
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The open space would be perfect for us with a boisterous 6 year old boy at home and there would be the room to charge around in. He whizzes through the house on scooters and throws a squishy ball or hurtles around burning off energy - goes with the territory of home educating and sensory needs so I don't mind. Open plan living would suit us so much better as a family.  I'd love a large wooden floor that is warm but practical and the walls painted white to bring the maximum light into the room. 

But on the autumn afternoons when it's approaching dusk at 4pm, I could part fold the doors across and settle down with my son into a squishy sofa, curl up under a throw and watch a film. Also in the evening when having some me time to relax or study, I'd have a smaller area to sit, light my scented candles and get my course reading done. 
Cosy autumn sofa
Image source: Tommy Hayden
My top 5 autumn additions to a room to create some autumn restful living:

1. New cushions with an autumn feel with stags or owls and different textures. 
2. A bundle of throws in autumnal colours to cuddle up in, checked ones, herringbone, greens, oranges and rich browns.
3. Yankee Candles, my favourite candles and there are some wonderful seasonal scents to try such as Autumn Nights and its earthy, woodland tones.
4. A fluffy rug to keep toes warm and for the dog to snooze on!
5. Fairy lights. There are so many to choose from to create a lovely glow on a dark night. I love copper wire ones that you can place into a lantern or a terrarium. 
Autumn home items
Asda badger cushion £8,  NOTHS wool throws £39, copper lights £4.50, Yankee Candle Autumn Night £18.99

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