Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Autumn garden dancing

My boy loves the garden, loves being around the trees and the flowers, the fresh air and investigating under stones and pieces of bark. So we did the Frubes Moves challenge on the patio with some Halloween music on......the best CD ever with Monster Mash and some lovely tunes about witches and pumpkins....

As soon as the music comes on, my little boy loves to jump about and spin around to the music. He's always loved music and it really helps his sensory needs as he has autism. Music and movement is very calming for him.

Dancing autumn boy
Autumn garden dancing in the garden All the dancing meant it was time for me and my toothy grinned son to have something to eat so great timing to try the new Frubes yoghurt tubes. Available in strawberry, red berry, peach and banana flavours, they are a great source of vitamin D and calcium that help build strong bones. Also great as a snack on the move for our days out.

Frubes have partnered with The Angry Birds Movie for an on-pack promotional competition to win a family holiday in the Bahamas with weekly draws to win movie merchandise. There's a dance-off between the Angry Birds and the mischievous pigs here which is fun to have a go at. I think the ultimate dancer is my son though who loves to practice his moves. Do you have any dancers in your family?

toothy grin

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