Thursday, 20 October 2016

Pevensey cottage and church flowers

fox door knocker A recent stay in a cosy cottage in Pevensey, East Sussex where it had a little garden that stretched to the leafy lane to the parish church. Warm October sun highlighting the pinks and purples of hydrangeas and fuchsias.  Ferns with gossamer stretched across fronds and spiders spinning webs on the autumn mornings.

A peal of church bells from a visiting band, cup of tea in hand, standing at the conservatory door listening. Missing my own bells that I ring each week in my local church and so later I ambled down the old snicket and pushed open the church door but instead of bells I was distracted by the harvest flowers.

Yellows and coppers, trailing ivy and mini apples, grasses and corn stalks with some vegetables amongst the chrysanthemums. Displays in the amber soft light of the stained glass, seed heads with sunflowers and bursts of brown and yellow. Is this not the best time of year for those rich colours and reminders of bounty and all that hedgerow glory......
pink hydrangea holiday cottage Fuchsias terrier spider's web Pevensey walk to the church church window and harvest flowers flower arrangement using vegetables harvest flowers stained glass and harvest flowers
An autumnal offering for How Does Your Garden Grow? at Mammasaurus.


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