Monday, 17 November 2014

My best bit of autumn

My best bit of autumn is how the season feels like a fresh start. Autumn has always been my New Year, perhaps with my nostalgia of school starting in September, it has always signified a beginning even though in many ways other people consider it to be an end - the end of summer, of green leafy trees and the sunlight which becomes less and less as the days go on.....

But this picture reminds me that autumn is truly my awakening. Here is the entrance to the best season of the year, A beautiful fiery golden leafed staircase to autumnal heaven with light mists and hazy light. The start of cosy season, warm layers and rich food for the soul as the cold creeps in.

New plans to be made, time to study and read by the roaring fire as we head towards winter. Most importantly it is the best time of year to spend with loved ones. Leaf kicking days followed by snuggle up nights. Blissful autumn.


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