Sunday, 30 November 2014

Musical gifts

My little boy loves music. It is a key part of his learning and I like to buy him music related items for Christmas and his birthday. Browsing through the Musicroom website I found so many items that I knew he would love but using the Gift Finder app really helped me to find suitable presents for him.

Using the dials you can narrow your search down for a gift for a music lover by altering the dials to reflect the type of product you are looking for - whether it be a particular type of instrument or a stocking filler, the price bracket and if it is for an adult or a child. The app is intuitive and if you are searching a particular type of instrument it opens up another category of beginner and intermediate. Ideal if you need ideas for a perfect musical gift but just don't know quite what to get.

With such a huge selection of gifts variable, I used to app to find some super pressies for my little man. The first item that the app brought up was actually as if it had read my mind from a few weeks ago. I had seen a video of these wonderful percussion instruments, brightly coloured and perfect for Primary aged children - Wak-A-Tubes. An amazing idea for him as we can both plays these together encouraging his turn taking and co-ordination skills.
Through the Gift Finder and looking through the site I found lots of goodies for Christmas from a keyboard, to a Djembe drum and a Frog Guiro like one he had loved at pre-school. Music is such a big part of our life, it's a way through to my son and a way to connect so is on our home education curriculum. Music is a daily calming influence and I want to encourage his interest in it.

The Stocking Filler gifts are great  - games, chocolates, kitchenwares, socks......all with a musical theme. Such unique and interesting presents for loved ones. Serious music items too for the professional - instruments and sheet music so whether you have a beginner or an experienced musician to buy for, you will find plenty to choose from.
Music gift inspiration

Do you have any budding musicians in your family and what items would you buy them?

We were invited to trial the service out, all words and opinions are my own.


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