Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Goodbye October and a wonderful Halloween

dog and pumpkins We immersed ourselves in pumpkins and lined them up for decoration, continuing their ripening process to burnt autumn orange. Our terrier watched over them and the odd one suffered a fall and rolled across the front room when he got too over enthusiastic about the local posty delivering our letters. Local shops put on great displays, I was very impressed. I haven't got the new trend of pumpkin sculpting yet, I'm just a traditional carver with triangle eyes, noses and jagged mouths. SHOP PUMPKIN COMPETITION snapshots of Halloween We tried to do as many Halloween activities as possible from carving and decorating pumpkins, colouring in haunted houses, baking spooky cupcakes and gazing at the full moon. carved marrow Halloween Many seasonal scented candles were lit, we had a Halloween party at home and one at LB's autism group where he wore his cute Jack O'lantern t-shirt and starry Boden trousers. The house was stuffed full of decorations and on Halloween night we put our sack faced scarecrow on the drive, a line of tea lights in jam jars and some pumpkins to welcome the trick or treaters. Halloween cakes and candles tealights in jars Halloween House Halloween snippets Gourds nestled in the window boxes and our Halloween fairy lights twinkled attracting a steady stream of children dressed as ghosts and witches, with parents waiting just to the side. We went out for a walk ourselves and left a note with some sweeties to take. When we got back, just a few had been taken which made me feel all fuzzy that we live in a nice area. smiling gourds haunted house Halloween window I'm a little sad that Halloween is over, I feel like there is so much more spooking and scaring to do. Although the run up to Christmas is perfect for a scary fireside story. I've just read  Bellman & Black, a gothic tale that touched upon and next on the list is The Bone Clocks and The Ghosts of Heaven.

Time for some warming food to be made, fires to be lit and hopefully taking LB to a firework display this weekend. It's gone a little colder this week after such a warm October so I am looking forward to all the hats and scarves being worn again.

Have a great November xx

pumpkins and fairy lights


76 sunflowers said...

Your front garden looks amazing, what a welcome! How nice that your sweets weren't raided in your absence :)

Katie Bedlow said...

Lovely autumnal photos, I will be carving anither pumpkin tonight for bonfire night, i love the smell! I can't get enough of all the lovely oranges and reds in nature at the moment.....but the frosts are coming! Katie x

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