Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A treat for my bathroom

Since we had our new bathroom installed last year I have endeavoured to keep the suite look sparkly and clean. However, with home educating Little Bird I just do not get enough time. I have to clean quickly and efficiently at the weekend. Sometimes I do not even have the time for that quick clean of the shower and the taps........with our days out, family visits and LB's autism club. The bathroom was looking a bit neglected. So when I was offered some 5* bathroom kit luxury from Viakal I jumped at the chance and some extra time was afforded to give our bathroom a good clean and then enjoy adding some little treats to the room. We have also been having some work done at home so you can imagine it was well in need of some love (more on our work project in a couple of weeks!)

The Viakal Limescale Remover spray was put to work. Spray onto your surfaces and then after 5 minutes wipe off and the limescale is removed. The taps were quite tarnished with limescale and water marks to start with but after treatment with Viakal they came up really shiny.

In a recent survey by Viakal, UK Housekeepers it was found that 64% of guests are impressed by a clean shower cubicle with no streaks! Mine definitely needed some help and I need to give it another blast and get an old toothbrush into all the niggly parts. Toothbrushes are so handy for this! I was impressed by how clean it brought up the glass cubicle (it didn't photograph very well) and the drain.
Equally as impressive were the bath taps. Sparkly!
 Do you need a bathroom clean before Christmas, ready for any guests? Here is a housekeepers checklist for achieving these 5* results at home.

1. Spotless shower tiles and glass
2. Sparklingly clean toilet bowl
3. Limescale free bathroom shower and sink
4. Limescale free shower head
5. Clean sink
6. Crystal clean mirror
7. Shiny taps
8. Clean and shiny floor
(source: Caterer and Hotel Keeper Magazine on behalf of Viakal)

The best tip I picked up was to add fluffy towels and fancy products for a special touch. My Christmas guests are in for a real treat and me of course. It is nice to have some pamper time in a shining, clean bathroom. I love my Diptyque candle and I'm saving it for December, a month of treats in the run up to Chistmas.
I was sent a Viakal hamper for the purposes of this post.


Eileen Teo said...

What an amazing result! They work as a treat! I need to do cleaning before my guest think this is a pigsty!

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