Friday, 7 November 2014

Feature Wall using Farrow & Ball paint

I've been planning my bedroom revamp for a few months as it has not been redecorated since just after I moved in and the furniture is certainly past its prime. I was planning on colours to keep it all light and airy and as it was feeling a little cluttered, some new furniture and storage solutions too. The woodwork had also aged and needing freshening up, hence my project started to come together and indeed is still in progress.

I had decided on having a feature wall, although nothing too heavy and the paint had to have a dreamy look for a relaxing feel so when my Farrow & Ball  paint arrived I was keen to get going. 

The colour for the wall I am using is a shade of pink- Estate Emulsion Pink Ground. A delicate pink colour, chalky and not overpowering. I wanted pink for a feminine feel without being too sugary and this shade was perfect and soft. For the woodwork as they were in such a yellowed state I have used Farrow & Ball Interior Wood Primer & Undercoat to get them back into a good state. 

The room before was looking quite shabby as you can see. The walls were so mucky from where the wardrobe used to be and woodwork discoloured. 

What I noticed using Farrow & Ball emulsion was just how well it transferred from roller to wall. Coverage was even and after two coats the look was perfect. Just the pink, chalky look I had wanted after looking though the colour charts and getting some inspiration from Pinterest. The high quality pigments in the paint give it that well know full of depth, rich, chalky look.
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The paint also did not have a smell to it which was wonderful as my son stays in this room with me and I did not want paint fumes like I have experienced in the past using other brands of paint. It is good to know that Farrow & Ball paints are eco friendly and the VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels are low. The coats were dry after about 90 minutes and washing the rollers was easy enough as you just need warm soapy water.

It was then onto the woodwork and this really made the walls stand out once picture rails and skirting boards were bright white. I find this part of decorating a room so satisfying, it really makes the colour on the wall pop.
I am loving the new colour of the wall so much that I am also going to paint the wall opposite in the same colour and then hang my vintage map there that I won a few months back. Hopefully after this weekend I can show you. I love the pink against the Victorian cast iron fire place, a lovely contrast and in the evening with some tea lights in glass votives, it's so relaxing and just what I was looking for.

Also, instead of buying a new wardrobe for the alcove, I'm going to look for a white dressing table/desk as I think that will keep the room looking spacious. For home decor ideas see here. With some fairy lights and pretty storage boxes it will look lovely against my Farrow & Ball Pink Ground feature wall.

This is a collaboration with Farrow & Ball but words and opinions are my own honest viewpoint


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