Saturday, 26 April 2014

My Great British Home

I'm mad about my home. I love making improvements to it and changing the look of rooms on a regular basis. Not massive projects as budget will not allow for that but small things like painting cupboards or sprucing up a room with new cushions and candles. Much of my furniture is from junk shops and I've painted it to make it my own. I've found items for free on the roadside and items on my travels at charity shops, car boot sales and street markets such as the one we found in Bridport on our holidays.

My home is a collection of happy memories, bright cushions, home-made pieces and up-cycled furniture. It has created an eclectic home and at home that tells a story. When I took the Great British Home Quiz I was rather pleased with the result.
GreatSo I might not want to live in a warehouse apartment but I certainly like the look and I might secretly want to be Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Big New Girl fan! 

Most of all I love my home to be comfortable and cheerful. My favourite item is my old sofa covered in a knitted throw that my mum and nana made square by square before sewing it all together. 
I love Little Bird's bedroom too. He has a lot of charity shop items to decorate and adorn shelves. It is such a happy room for him. I think anything goes in our home, as long as it isn't beige!

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