Thursday, 17 April 2014

Great Nana's garden by Little Bird

in the garden Great nana pink lantern I'm in the garden sign flower pots red tulips gone over dodging the hose shrubs Mum's garden garden ornaments toadstool lights flower beds pink bird feeders garden play yellow rose
My Great Nana's garden.
Full of roses in every colour, some are starting to appear from their buds.
Lots of trinkets, fun characters that make me laugh from sailors to snails. 
My Great Nana is fun.
Pretending to squirt me with the garden hose!
So much fun to trot your toy horse around, galloping around the flower beds, up the garden path and nibbling at plants.
Lots of pots and lots of pink. Her favourite colour.
Those birds must really like pink too.
The garden is pretty as a picture, just like my Great Nana.

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