Sunday, 19 February 2012

Little Bird's Bedroom Makeover

Ikea Bunting bed
A Little Bird has had a cheery bedroom makeover.
Hooray for Ikea.
Bunting Canopy
Hooray for Cath Kidston.
1 2 3 Storage Buckets
Hooray for clever Marmar Bird making beautiful soft furnishings.
Cath Kidston Cowboy Print
Lots of primary colours.
Play cupboard
Snuggly blankets, wooden toys - plenty of things to keep a toddler happy. He loves to play in here.
Coloured Wooden Balls
Great toys for counting and practicing our future musical skills.
Red Ukulele
First ever bed. Big smiles.
Red Mushroom Toy
Toy boxes that double as a little reading nook with cushions and a canopy to make a den.
Cath Kidston cushion and blanket
Vintage items for the shelves mostly from charity shops.
Vintage Shelf Toys
In fact I love it all so much I think I'll be cuddling up in here too.
Elmer and Vintage Indian


greenthumb said...

Looks like a great room for a little boy, I bet he has lots of fun.

PhotoPuddle said...

Oh that looks fab. Love all the bright colours. And I knew just by looking at the pictures it was very Ikea and Cath Kidston. Love it!

Jazz said...

Oooh it all looks absolutely gorgeous!
Love the vintage toys :)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a lovely, sweet room.
I love how light and bright it seems.

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