Thursday, 24 July 2014

Posh garden in summer

With the weather so beautiful we decided to go back to the local gardens to see how they had changed in just a month. The new show of flowers we saw was amazing. 
Everything was blooming.
The newly planted prairie garden was starting to grow.
The tropical garden was full of broad leaved plants and huge spires. In the conservatory (the orangery) is a cafe so it's a great view to look out at over tea and cake. I feel so lucky to have these gardens to look around on my doorstep.
Sweet peas, lavender, so many shades of pink and purple.
This is the garden around the conservatory where they hold weddings. Beautiful to walk out as newly weds into these pretty gardens full of seasonal flowers. A gardener was very busy here, making sure everything was perfect. 
The pergola walkway was dripping with clematis and roses now.
A row of dahlias I think. This is what I want to do at the allotment next year and have a whole section as a cutting garden.
The Pool Garden, flanked by verbena now - it was tulips last time. 
We had such a peaceful afternoon and I'm looking forward to visiting much more over the summer and into autumn. Officially my favourite garden in Cheshire.

Joining in with How Does Your Garden Grow? at Manneskjur. 



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