Sunday, 20 July 2014

Carnival time

The Town Carnival
The town carnival in a little part of England, nothing special, nothing grandiose. Just community getting together as they have done for many,many years to celebrate the crowning of the rose queen. It's an annual summer tradition since as far back as the 1920's as far as I can see in the archives. They looked a lot prettier an occasion back then in my opinion - little bit garish for me with princesses sat in car boots and atop cars. 
balloons my boy carnival princess drummersStill we showed our support and ventured along to the centre of town, Found a gap in the railings for one little 4 year old to push his nose through to see the parade.  Bagpipers, costumes, soldiers, a young dance troupe, a fire engine, local business advertising - with somewhat little effort. It was sadly all a bit of a lacklustre jumble as I saw member of our older generation watching, I couldn't help but feel a little sad as I bet the parades were wonderful once upon a time. In fact they were wonderful when I was a child with floats with so much effort. A shame queens carnival princess carnival princesses  lady with basket UK town carnival This local preschool was the best with their pirate ship. A huge effort. Lovely. I fear the rest of the parade perhaps had a lack of interest.....and/or money! I sound so miserable but it was a disappointment and hopefully our town will get its act together next year.pirate ship carnival float firefghters having a jokeLeaving the parade we headed to the park where small pieces of poetry were tied to trees and gates. It was such a joy look for and read.blackbird poem poems in the park
A funny dog show that we watched for a while until Little Bird got restless. I love dogs so much, all shapes and sizes, pedigree and a mix of all sorts. Waggy tails, the best condition coat and the dog that looked like their owner.
The rest of the park had a car boot sale on but I didn't look around as I am trying to curb my desire to fill my house with things I do not need at the moment.
dog show plant sales car boot sale watching Then of course, there was a funfair. Little Bird just likes looking around the fair and is not showing any desire to go on the rides. I love it for the bright colours and snapping away with my camera. The fair was very quiet and rides sat empty. I spoke to people afterwards and many did not know the carnival was on that weekend. Tskk! My council really needs to advertise events more for families. I wish I could work for them :)hook a duck jumping jack fairground donuts water orbs ghost train steeple chase horses fairground food fairgroundSo that was the town carnival . I hope they improve things next year. I felt very sorry for the fair who must have not made much money. This was on the Sunday so perhaps the Saturday was busier but even still it surely should be bustling for a Sunday afternoon. 
Still it made for some good pictures and Little Bird had a brilliant time and thought it was all very exciting so that's good enough for me. 
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Merlinda Little said...

Awww those rides looks lonely! Yes the council needs to help events like this! Other than that the parade looks so fun. Lovely colors too =) #countrykids

Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

What a shame they didn't have a great turn out! I do love the community spirit at these events and a chance to meet up with neighbours and friends too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

Emma Tustian said...

That's madness how empty considering how wonderful the weather has been. That's one thing our town does well and that's advertising events.

Adventure Togs said...

Such a shame it was a disappointment. The schools pirate ship was great though :)

Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!! said...

Shame that the parade didn't live upto expectation. I know what you mean about them being so much better. I was looking at some old cine footage from the 1960s Spalding Flower Festival and the floats looked amazing.

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