Thursday, 24 July 2014

Eco friendly furniture to keep an eye out for

Style your home with eco-friendly furniture

As we become more environmentally friendly there’s lots of furniture popping up here there and everywhere that claims to be eco-friendly.
Buying this type of furniture sure is a great place to start when looking to become more eco-friendly in your own home. We’re on hand to start you off with 2 excellent materials to look out for when searching for this kind of furniture.

Let’s start with reclaimed teak

Teak itself is a beautiful wood and one that’s incredibly durable. Locked into the grain of the wood is an abundance of natural oils, because of this it’s a lot more weather proof than other woods making it perfect for outdoor furniture. Over time, the teak turns from its original honey brown colour to a lovely silvery grey as the oils build up and protect the furniture.
Reclaiming teak is the process where existing teak that’s come to the end of its natural useful like e.g. railway sleepers and canoes, is reused to create something of use.
The product you receive is a beautiful piece of furniture with history, often with marks and dents in it from its previous life which add tons of character to it. The reclaimed teak is as durable as ever and still contains the natural oils it’s loved for.
Reclaiming teak helps towards reducing the rates of deforestation and sustaining the rainforests as fresh teak isn’t being logged from them.
reclaimed teak garden furniture and deer statue

Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth is widely recognised as a weed and one of the worst ones at that. It forms thick mats across water surfaces which are incredibly dense and extremely hard to penetrate. This limits access to important shipping, animals and man, causing all sorts of problems.
The hyacinth needs to be maintained to stop these complications from occurring; environmentally friendly programs that are effective over long terms to control its growth have now been introduced in most countries where it causes problems.
The bonus is there is no wastage, the harvested weeds are distributed and put to excellent use such as being turned into furniture. Lots of conservatory furniture is now being made from this weed with beautiful results especially when hand woven. It can be woven into stunning intricate plaited weaves that add style and elegance to furniture.
The tight weave of the hyacinth makes it incredibly strong and gives you furniture that is going to last you for years to come.

If you’re looking to make changes in your home and contribute in helping your environment then making small changes like investing in natural products and reclaimed woods is a fantastic place to start.

From this to this!!
water hyacinth and conservatory furniture

If you’re looking to make changes in your home and contribute in helping your environment then making small changes like investing in natural products and reclaimed woods is a fantastic place to start.  

This was a article from Conservatory Furniture who have an extensive range of furniture for your conservatory.


citygirl101 said...

These are such stunning photos, so much colour.
The walkway looks wonderful, and the red, white and blue flowers look fun.

dorissander said...

that is a very happy garden. I love the perspective in that first photo. great shot.

Manneskjur said...

Oh my colour riot - I love it to bits. That looks like a lovely place to spend time, I'll have to try and get along over the holidays to see for myself. Loving the sound of a prairie garden too.
Ah such lovely shots - I'm beaming away here, what way to end my blog reading for today :)
Thanks for sharing and joining in x

Michelle Peters said...

How beautiful, where is the garden near Cheshire?

Emma @ Tales of a Greenwood said...

Very beautiful, I love the walkway with the clematis it is so dreamy

Tina said...

You have a Very Beautiful place in the world! Thanks for sharing!
~all the way from Stratford,Ontario,Canada 😄

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OMG these photos are amazing, I feel so happy just by looking at them!

Happy Homebird said...

Hi, it is near Delamere Forest on the A556 on the way to Chester :)

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