Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mooching around a fancy garden in Cheshire

Abbeywood in Cheshire
I have driven past the entrance to the Abbeywood estate many times but never been until recently. 45 acres in the Cheshire countryside and I liked it so much that I purchased an annual membership for £25 - bargain. It is literally a 15 minute drive from my house and it is free for children, so that is a bonus. It is great place to explore with wildlife walks, a small play area, woodland, chickens and formal gardens to admire. No doubt we will be visiting a lot, especially for home education purposes to learn about nature and there is a cafe too so we can practice the whole let's be really well behaved and let mummy site and have a cake.
pretty manor house The start of our walk is through the wide herbaceous borders with lupins that look pefect unlike any I try to grow that become slug grub. There is a  pergola walk and a quick turn around a high yew hedge lead onto the beautiful symmetrical formal pool garden. The estate is closed on Fridays and Saturdays for weddings and wow, what a venue. I found an evening's schedule for a wedding that must have been held the day before. I bet they all had such a wonderful time and it is the kind of place I would love to get married at. Maybe in your next lifetime my conscious mutters. Ah well.herbaceous border flower borders pergola wedding schedule Fantastic views across to the hills. Such a gorgeous sunny day and amazing to stop awhile on the benches and just breathe in the air. View from Abbeywood Estate, Cheshire hedges and border private garden gate Tulips, euphorbia and chive flowers in between the box hedging. chive flowers garden map striking burgundy and yellow tulip parterre lime green flower and bee an English country garden Love the colour mixture of tulips and really will plant many more in the garden this autumn. pink flower cottage garden flower
I am loving the house. Perfect dream house, Edwardian and like a doll's house. I can pretend I live here can't I? Will be back here soon so you will be seeing lots more. I might even get that cake in the garden cafe. Abbeywood Estate in Cheshire

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Jocelyn (@ReadingRes) said...

Oh wow, that is a beautiful place. I can see why you went for the annual membership, and yes, a bargain!

weald said...

wow, that looks like a wonderful place… I love the density of planting… something my borders can only dream of, ha!

Merlinda Little said...

Wow a pretty place. So worth the fee if you ask me. #hdygg

AnnieMammasaurus said...

This is lush! Box hedges, tall hedges, glorious blooms and cake! My idea of actual heaven - and what a bargain price for annual membership :)
Loving this a lot - thanks for sharing lovely lady x

Redpeffer said...

Cake and flowers-recipe made in heaven I think!

Gemma Garner said...

Loving the variety of plants here, looks like they have alot of lupins. Amazing views of the hills!

Vanessa said...

Such a splendid garden We have a private garden near us but it got taken over last and they got rid of some of the staff that had been working there for years. I hope you return for many happy visits and of course cake!

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