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Starting a veg patch

Start a veg patch this summer and get the whole family involved
If you’re looking to make the most of your garden now while the sun’s shining and the evenings are long, why not start a vegetable patch? This is a great outdoors activity and it’s one you can share with all the family.
Also, as long as you have the right garden furniture, you’ll be able to dine alfresco and enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Top tips 
If your veg patch is to be a success, it’s important to bear a few top tips in mind. For example, try to select a piece of land that gets plenty of sunshine. Ideally, it should receive at least five hours of sun per day. Also, by keeping your patch away from other plants, you can help to reduce the number of slugs that attack it.
When you get started, make sure you dig your chosen spot over to remove any weeds and to break up the soil. It also helps to add plenty of compost and some rotted manure will speed things along too.
Always ensure there is plenty of space between the vegetables you plant. For example, you should leave approximately 20cm around a row of salad leaves and 35cm around a row of carrots. Also, when you plant crops like beans that climb, don’t forget to provide a stick or trellis to help them grow upwards.

Vegetable garden - lovely gardener with bunch of carrots from Shutterstock

Get your kids involved 
Veg patches offer a great chance to teach your children about gardening and to get them eating their greens. To help pique their interest, try to choose some fun crops. For example, plants you can pick and eat, like tomatoes and peas, are ideal.
Pumpkins are another great option. Kids love carving these at Halloween and you can make great soups with the flesh. Fast growing crops like lettuce are perfect for children too. Let's face it, youngsters aren't renowned for their patience, but these plants can help to keep little gardeners keen.
Making your children planting assistants is a great bonding activity and it will give them a host of important life skills - and hopefully a greater interest in food as well.

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