Monday, 14 July 2014

Early evening sands

(A walk at Traethgwyn Beach, New Quay, West Wales) 

pebble beach to the beach early evening sea seashore rocks seaweed and dog paws early evening seashore boy and sand New Quay Ceredigion New Quay late afternoon sun starting to set New Quay Bay beach rope jumble boats boats in a line dusky skies, seaweed and pebbles bladderwrack New Quay dusk sea jetsam sea moon pink sea skies
Those early evening sands with light cast in pale blues and hints of amber.
A small Welsh town that captured my heart and smoothed my rough edges like a pebble found on its never-ending beach.
My soul danced that twilight as did the line of boats that I gazed at whilst my fingers played with sand particles.
Sifting, thinking, staying.
Kicking through jumbles of rope and side stepping over bladderwrack and discarded crabs. Moving on too as the crab moults into an older form. Does he become wiser too?
Instar after instar, I change.
Become a voice I do not know and a face that is no longer me in the rockpool reflection.
Beachcombing for answers that drift away in the tide.
For a moment though as the sky resembles the pastels of the terraced seaside abodes,
I think I might belong in this bay.
Have I been here before?
A strong desire to stay. To return. To bring my boy back here.
This little coastal area that has created salty memories, will draw us back
Like the pull of the sea with the moon, we are destined to return to these shores.


Erica Price said...

Gorgeous pictures. It's a lovely town isn't it?

Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!! said...

what lovely photos, i've never been there but want to now

Kate Williams said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love Wales, it's impossible to keep your camera in your pocket there x

Manneskjur said...

Gorgeous photos - there's something magical about Summer evenings light isn't there? x

Happy Homebird said...

Yes the most perfect time of day.

Happy Homebird said...

I took so many pictures. I officially love Wales. x

Happy Homebird said...

I know, I really could live there.

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