Monday, 14 October 2013

Warwick Castle Adventures

Warwick Castle A warm autumn weekend and a sudden realisation that the Merlin pass I won earlier this year covers Warwick Castle. Cue much excitement especially as this was the home of the Kingmaker, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick - Richard III's father-in-law. I have to say, I'm glad we have won this pass as otherwise it would have been pretty expensive but it is absolutely a 5 star attraction with a lot of care and attention gone into the detail and it is spotlessly clean with so much to do.
armour Warwick CastleWe had a walk around the gardens at first to shake off the car journey and watched the magnificent Trebuchet fire its missile across the grounds. From here we went into the main castle and Little Bird experienced his first ever knight. 
All the suits of armour to polish. Fantastic to look at and a most puzzled Little Bird at the war horse all armoured up. He walked so well around the rooms taking in everything and giggling.
candleabra Henry VIIIHenry VIII watching over us. 
Decorative plaster ceiling Lots of nooks and crannys for Little Bird to explore and he was peering into doorways and finding secret passages. I was so happy to see him absorbed by his first castle adventure. 
Around Warwick Castle Warwick Castle Through the castle window 
We even met Uncle Richard III although I'm not so sure about how old he is supposed to be here and he looks a little like an old dear going shopping. Certainly no Aneurin Barnard here. 
Richard Mike the Knight put in an appearance (so famous he has a bodyguard :) ) and we watched a bowman demonstration which I got a little bit giddy at. Gotta love the longbow. Little Bird loved the birds of prey - I knew he would do, eagles and even a vulture which I would not want to meet untethered. 
Mike the Knight
Armoured We took a picnic with us and a good job too as the queues for food were massive. LB sat enjoying the goings on as we had a rest in the sunshine. I did a little shopping for knight paraphernalia - a wooden broad sword for my little knight. I was surprised at how good he was as a lot of the castle was about walking around sensibly and taking in information - perhaps he will love history too.  I think he did try and scamper under the barrier at one point to get to the warhorse though :)
Fun at Warwick Castle
Knight in shining armour
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