Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spooky Fruit

spooky fruit Spooky Fruit type Mummy apple and evil pear Beware the orchard of nightmares with this fruity bunch.
scary apple core Ghostly, grim apples - rotten to the core.
This phantom banana will scare you right out of your skin.
Mummy apple is so appealing, you will crumble to your knees as he chases you
A grisly gang, fermenting and ready to can whoever gets in their way.
Run, run, fast as you can until you run out of juice.
mummy apple is coming to get you the orchard of nightmares
This is my Spooky Fruit competition entry with AlexandAlexa  for Halloween. Please go and have a look at the wonderful prizes - they are from their shop and are truly wonderful.


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

That pear looks so evil!!!

Anastasia said...

Thats a fantastic idea!
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