Friday, 25 October 2013

An Interview with Jack Skellington

I've not been interviewed for a good few years since deciding to stay at home with my son but I remember them well. Practising the answers to all the usual questions and making sure I was well prepared. I spotted a writing competition with Nickie at Typecast  all about having a fantasy interview. This time I would be the interviewer!

Well, with my mind firmly in Halloween mode I would interview Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas for the role of Party Planner as he's just a little bit kooky and he'd help throw the best Halloween party ever.

 photo JackSkellingtonBowTie_zpse750a86d.jpg

So Jack, tell us a bit about yourself?

Well my latest role was the Pumpkin King in Halloween Town - although I'm looking for new opportunities. I was instrumental in organising the All Hallows Eve festivities for centuries but my recent challenge was coordinating a great big event for Santa Claus which I was very excited about. Fake snow, ice sculptures - the whole works. I have a keen interest in hauntings and read a lot of horror books. I'm very creative and skilled in prop arrangement and balloon modelling. 

Brilliant, that sounds very interesting. So, what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

Hmmmm. Well a key strength of mine is that I can disconnect my bones so that they can go off and do extra chores, a real multi-tasker. I'm very good at keeping calm in stressful situations such as when my friend Santa was claus-knapped by the Oogie Boogie.
My weaknesses are that I can be a bit impulsive, if I see a new idea I want to jump into it straight away. I need to learn to hold back a bit and assess the potential consequences.

So, what do you think you could bring to the role of Party Planner?

I have a proven track record of organising the most fantastic parties and have many key contacts within the arena, such as the Easter Bunny and the leprechauns. I would quickly take on board new projects, helped by my experience of being able to adapt quickly and deal with any mishaps calmly, without losing my head. My keen attention to detail would really amaze your clients - you should have seen my fairy light arrangements and my organisation of the ghoul choir. The Mayor of Halloween town will certainly send you a glowing reference. 
 photo jacksuit_zpsbfdb9503.jpg

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time Jack?

Hopefully still organising fun events but perhaps branching out into weddings. After all there are always new holiday doors to open and Valentines has always appealed to me. I'm in love you see, with a lovely rag doll called Sally. 

Ok Jack, that concludes our interview. I am pleased to say that based on your CV and track record of exciting parties I'd love to welcome you to the team. 

Thank you, make no bones about it I'm delighted. 


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