Friday, 14 October 2011

Midnight Feast Ramblings

Moon over the houses

There have been a few unsettled nights in the Homebird household this week. I have been unsettled, worrying about one thing or another and Little Bird had a midnight screaming episode. Maybe it was a nightmare or maybe it was tummy ache - there was a fair bit of ahem - parping going on!
Glowing lantern

On nightmare/parping night we all headed downstairs for a Baby TV late night classical interlude - an instant soother for a very upset Little Bird.  Bleary eyed on the sofa, we all sat watching colourful characters play a Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto and goldfish swimming around on the screen. 

Feeling a bit peckish, the doughnut temptation in the kitchen was too much to bear as was my photo opportunity of the current full moon. Hanging out of the front door late at night to photograph luna was hopefully not seen by my neighbours. Although this is nothing new to them as we are frequently out looking for the International Space Station (ISS) of an evening, as I found myself explaining to next door in my pink spotty pyjamas well past 10pm one night.
Full moon detail

As we sat tucking into our Halloween style doughnuts with a sound asleep Little Bird on my knee our thoughts turned to all things celestial after an awe inspiring view of the moon. We would love a telescope and to learn more about the constellations, it is on 'The List!' Many a time we have looked out of our loft room skylight window and seen satellites whizzing across the night sky and meteor showers too. Every time we see the ISS we still get the same thrill as it's white light suddenly appears, gliding across, amazing us that people are actually on it right now. We stand silently watching it.  If you want to see the ISS, have a look at Heavens Above to see the times that it is visible or the NASA  search which you can search from your exact location. Have you seen it too? Humbling hey?

Midnight doughnut snack


@MeAndMyLottie said...

Sam, your blog as ever, is fantastic, it always gives me that 'long ago' feeling, like a warm, fuzzy, christmas sensation.

My son will love this post, he's moon/space obsessed!

Look forward to the next update...

Joy xx

Hannah said...

Maybe it's something to do with the moon - I've been having unsettled nights myself this week.
Lovely post, as always. I love visiting your page :o)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

The moon -

I see the satellite going buy here too, like a bright little star moving steady across the sky. My hubby seems to think it doesn't happen that often, but I often see it when out on a night walk with the dog, and I am looking in a small area between the two rows of trees.
I saw a most awe inspiring shooting star one summer night last year that left a bright sparkling trail of green.

The sky is so vast and wondrous.

Lorraine :-}
Your newest follower.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

That moon has been exraordinarily bright this week, I keep waking too - must be something in all the werewolf folklore after all! I have gone wrong in the doughnut department, must buy some!!!

Sarah x

Shaheen said...

Those dougnuts are awesome.

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