Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Squeezing the Season

Autumn dahlias

I like to squeeze every drop of each season out of it's three month window as much as possible. Spring has to be excessively springy in my house, Summer like deckchairs on Brighton pier, winter like Narnia and Autumn is no exception.

I look for events or places to go that celebrate the season and on our local countryside travels I just have to stop for an Autumn bunch of flowers.  Roadside sellers and honesty boxes make my heart sing! I've bought flowers (of course), eggs, new potatoes, hanging baskets, bunches of holly and carved wooden mushrooms to name a few after a quick 'Stop the car!' It was dahlias this week and they are the most gorgeous bunch of flowers - until the next ones :)
Eerie pumpkin field

Another perfect place to squeeze the season is the farm shop. In summer we came here picking strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. A fun place with tractors for Little Bird and wonderful seasonal displays - now it's pumpkins and squashes which I fear I may be boring you all with. Sorry, I'm  just still squeezing drops of autumn with every crunchy russet leaf, conker and Jack O'Lantern. One thing that did surprise me was all the pumpkins left rotting, very sad indeed! Perhaps they aren't as popular as I thought as an Autumn culinary treat. Are we still fairly new to it's versatility in the UK? I suppose so, my parents don't really cook them. My dad has grown then this year but are scratching their heads for recipes and mum seems daunted by them. Do you cook with them, just wondering?
Autumn farm shop


Jo said...

I remember carving swedes rather than pumpkins for Halloween when I was a child. I know for sure that my mum has never cooked one, and though I've grown them myself, I've never cooked them either, I grow them for Halloween. What a bargain, £1.50 for a bunch of dahlias. Such gorgeous flowers.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piccies ,I could never get bored of seeing pumpkins ,I love them! Beautiful Dahlias.So sad to see pumkin going to seed,I wish I could grab them all and decorate every inch of my house with them!Hope you have a lovely day,xxxjulie.

greenthumb said...

This is the first year I have seen them in our shops, as Halloween is not big over here, but we do see a few kids out on Halloween night.

♥ Priddy Priddy ♥ said...

Your photo's are just lovely...

Victoria said...

Lots of people have been asking me to help them with pumpkin recipes and this week I've started with sweet recipes. At the moment I've got a pumpkin parfait up on my blog.

elaine said...

Can you treat pumpkins the same as squashes? I don't see why not - they look great en masse. Love the Dahlias, I have just dug mine up - 'til next year.

Jennifer Michelle said...

Most of the canned pumpkin pie filling that is sold is actually squash! HAHA!

So I suppose people mostly buy filling to make pie and neglect the actual pumpkins in the patches, how sad :(

Sam said...

You won my giveaway!!


Sam from Silkiesue!!


PS please get in touch with yr Add xx

Tracy Glover said...

I love the colours in your pics. They brightened my day. I also love your idea of getting the most out of each season. We have to squeeze the most out of every day, I am beginnin to realise.
I liked your post a while back too about waking up in the night and watching the moon. A Mummy with a sense of magic. xxx

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