Friday, 7 October 2011

The Walrus Said Bargh-Wargh!

Bookstart certificate illustration

This week has been Children's Book Week  run by the Booktrust - the website has lots of lovely resources, so it's really worth checking out particularly if you have Primary School age children. There are activities, posters and of course suggestions of great books to read.
Topsy and Tim ABC books

As all parents are encouraged to do, from our children being babies, we regularly read and look at books with Little Bird. Both Daddy Bird and I love books, so this is a joy for us. We have books all over the house.
Children's books on a shelf

Little Bird has a growing collection of books: ones for now that end up chewed and dropped in his dinner and for when he is older. They are on shelves, in boxes, stacked in piles, in reading nooks, upstairs, downstairs and even in the bath.

They are collected from car boot sales, charity shops, library sales (20p each!), local shops, gifts from family and some are mine from when I was a child.
Some contain adventures that as yet my Little Bird cannot possibly imagine; magic trees, lands faraway or in the wardrobe or even through the looking glass, finding golden tickets, befriending cavemen or escaping scary pirates and their bungling sidekicks.
Small book boxsets

Sheep book

We love Eric Carle, Julian Donaldson, Rod Campbell, Beatrix Potter and Raymond Briggs - it is hard to choose a favourite. We probably have a new choice every week. 
Stories that rhyme, tons of pictures and funny animal noises that Little Bird giggles at -'Bargh-Wargh!'
Peter Rabbit Boxset

Little Bird has great enthusiasm for the books with sound buttons and I like the pop up books for their sheer brilliance - we are delicate with them though.
Poppy Cat Pop up book

I have some potty training books too for next year, complete with flushing toilet button. Chuckle.
Six Dinners Sid

We all head to the library every weekend and choose a selection of picture books. We have now nearly completed the Book Start Book Crawl, 8 out of 10 lovely certificates and a bear that can join my mum's sparkly knitted bear below.
book bags

I hope we pass on our love of books to Little Bird. That would make me so happy.
Elmer snow globe

{Our favourite book this week is Jack's Tractor by Thomas Taylor. A really fun mix of animal noises and mayhem.}


Valerie said...

Hello, I was the eldest of 4 children and my Mum used to buy me a ladybird book every couple of weeks, so we had a huge set, not to mention all the other books. Sadly my siblings didn't have the same appreciation for books as me and they were scribbled on or torn. I am now slowly replacing them for Oscar. I am an auld fart so its the Vera Southgate series

and it is making me infinitely happy lol.


Anonymous said...

I love books,Im sure your son is going to love his books too.juliexxx

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