Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Hi,  it's Little Bird here, test driving my new buggy at my favourite park. Wheeeeee!  Which way shall we go first?

Play Area

Perhaps to the play area. Hmmm, it looks a bit busy so we will have a walk among the trees instead as I'm not too keen on crowds and lots of older screaming children.


Ah, peace here, crunchy leaves and look how sweet on the bench!

Bench Love

I want to run through that red carpet of leaves but it's off the track and I best stay with mummy.  I'm also very comfy and snug in my buggy.


There was a lovely party being held in here, lots of balloons and people dancing. What a grand building but there were some parts that looked very old and spooky.....

Walton Hall

.....and like it was falling down! I wonder what happened here?


Choo, choo! Let's hop on and explore.......

Choo Choo

Perhaps a stop to make pottery - my mummy might like that.

Pottery in the Park

Nah, this is more like it. Driver stop!!!!

Children's Zoo

We had a walk around the Children's Zoo. Bunny's, donkeys, ponies, weird, weird birds, a big pig and a peacock that followed you around. Go away!


I learnt some Makaton signs for the animals.


After another close brush with the peacock I became a bit grumpy and mummy insisted on a coffee break, well, juice for me. Daddy was happy as Manchester City beat United 6-1 so it was a good day all round. I was just a bit tired, hence my tantrum and had a snooze on the way home. Zzzzzzzzz


Bye, bye x


CowRoad said...

Great story! :-)

elaine rickett said...

Well done Baby Bird I don't know how you find all these lovely places to visit.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey - and pleased to properly meet you! I have been getting you mixed up with the other homebird and since you both left comments one after the other on my current post I finally realised there are 2 of you!
So, this is my first visit to your lovely blog - and of course I was immediatly drawn to the vintage blocks on your sidebar...
Anyway - thanks for calling in and entering my first giveaway!
fee x
(there are three blues fans in my house too who were mighty pleased with all the goals last weekend! it's either feast or famine!)

A tale from toadstool house said...

Lovely piccies,looks like a great day out.xxxjulie.

PhotoPuddle said...

Great photos. Looks like it was a fantastic autumn day.

peas and carrots said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your new buggy Little Bird. My little one has just worked out how she can get out of her new buggy - grrrr.

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a sweet post....

Hannah said...

Aww lovely post, Samantha. And amazingly beautiful autumnal photographs(as usual)!

Ashley said...

This looks like a lovely day out in the new buggy... Your photographs are lovely.

Ashley xxx

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