Sunday, 2 October 2011

Strange October Sun

Home blocks

We all enjoyed the extremely hot, sunny first days of October that took us by surprise. However, Autumn was in my heart.  Rays were bouncing off the pavements, washing drying in just over an hour and Little Bird enjoyed a small water fight but it all felt strange. Summer I have already moved on. Sorry but can you make way for my favourite season?
Decorative toadstools

Hoping for Autumn to truly return I gathered my box of tricks from when I was a floristry student and collected a few items from around the garden to make a seasonal wreath for my front door. The Autumn season that is - do you hear that Summer, I said Autumn!
Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangea blooms were wired along with the seed heads from my giant sculptural Lovage. My hands were prickled by the Sweet Chestnuts. Ouch!

Birch hearts

The new hot glue gun was used and I went a bit mad with the urge to glue, glue, glue! I found some birch hearts bought from a secret Aladdin's cave of mine near Macclesfield. The toadstools were also from there and are made from felt and paper so I hope the rain doesn't disintegrate them too quickly. As I write this, the rain has come back. Thank you Autumn!
Autumn door wreath

I hung my wreath up and felt all the better for my first session of Autumn decorating. It's not fancy but in the spare time I have, it will do for this year. I like the quick fixes in the short free time that I have. 

Sun streaming through door

I have a bag full of gourds and inspired by some gourd ghosties on Pinterest (watch this space!) I created a house number errr thingy by painting it with left over white emulsion paint. It still needs finishing with some clear varnish as the rain splashed it but ever the impatient...
Gourd painted with door number


Bobo Bun said...

Absolutely love your wreath. A really great idea, those toadstools make it perfect in my mind.

Just had a great catch up on your blog posts. Loved your blue sparkly buns and your dogs, they sounds such wonderful funny old girls to have about.

Have a great week.


Tracy Glover said...

Your wreath looks gorgeous. I love the colours. I need one now! xxx

Thedarkerside73 said...

What a gorgeous wreath and it has toadstool in it so always a winner as far as I am concerned.

Ahh I love the autumn too and have been feeling very out of sorts these past few days. It feel like summer but looks like autumn my poor little brain does not like this confusion. Watching a weather report for this coming week I actually cheered when they said things would return to how they should be for this time of the year. Oh dear naughty me!

Love your painted little gourd! I can never wait either! lol.


Toffeeapple said...

I wish I had your ability with wreaths but they defeat me - all flower arrangements defeat me, unfortunately. I'm good at other things though.

Your house number is very original, I hope the weather is kind to it.schua

Toffeeapple said...

Blushing now,' schua' was my word verification - I'll try harder this time...

sadie said...

love it. and you've reminded me, I have no autumn wreat up yet. Must sort that out this week. trouble is, it's been so unbelievably hot here lately that it has felt like summer. I am really missing the proper autumn weather. I'm a rainy day girl through and through, October heatwave does not please me at all!

painting pumpkins - something else I need to do. Why can't we buy white pumpkins any more? Asda sold them a few years ago, I bought a couple and saved seeds, but had no success.


Andrea @ little buckles said...

I love your wreath. I'm inspired! I agree I want the Autumn cooler weather to arrive, but then I'll be moaning it's too cold x

Unknown said...

love the wreath - it is soooo cute !!! Love your blog header too - really really sweet x

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