Monday, 10 October 2011

Halloween Preparations

Autumn pumpkin display

I have started preparing this weekend for Halloween because we have the party hosted by the amazingly creative A Fanciful Twist and of course for the actual night itself three weeks today. It's just not enough for me to celebrate it on one night. I know, slightly batty.......*groan* I have a combination of Autumn decoration intermingled with an early spooky infusion going on in the house at the moment. I have a love of the supernatural and of titivating so I am buzzing around happy.
apples and pears
We also spent some time at my parents house over the weekend. My mum was upset as one of the rabbits died suddenly overnight so just one bunny is left and feeling a bit lonely. I have a feeling that they will be trying to find another friend for him early this week.
Borlotti Beans
Daddy Bird did an allotment run and came back with lots of beans, some small squashes, courgette and tomatoes. I feel extremely pleased with how we have done this year although I realise we have lots of improvements to make next year. It will be nice to have a bit of time off, well sort of, there will be soil preparation and structural work to do for next Spring. The shed also need ridding of spiders before I will set foot it in and make a cup of tea.
Vintage harvest dish
The dish above is my harvest dish. I found it at a late Summer car boot sale for a pound - it's Villeroy and Boch too! I have been trying to look up the pattern but no success. I like to know these things out of interest as I used to buy goods from auction and resell them on ebay etc. I haven't done this for ages as it became too bothersome with people not receiving items or missing the courier and on and on....
Allotment grown gourds
The gourds have gone yellower and yellower and are now sat at the front door and in baskets too. I'm so glad I grew these despite my dad's insistence that they are pointless and wasted growing space - pah!
Yellow gourds

I think they are wonderful decorations and you have certainly not seen the last of them yet. Next year I'd like to try some of the other varieties such as the ones with the long curvy handles or extreme wartiness. 
 wire star basket

Are you having any Halloween parties? Or a Halloween Blog special? I can't wait to see some of the creativeness and lovely stories that you will all no doubt produce. 
Oh how I love Blog Land.

Halloween is coming


PhotoPuddle said...

What lovely pre-halloween photos!

greenthumb said...

Sounds like you love Halloween, we don't do much in Australia for Halloween.

Thedarkerside73 said...

I am loving your halloween preaparations!

We do decorate but with more gimmicky plastic bit and bobs. The girls seem to like the idea.

I have been thinking of sharing some spooky tales (all true) on my blog leading up to halloween. I best get on with it really as time really does sneak up on you.

Love your pictures too.


Hannah said...

Sorry to hear about the rabbit :o(

We don't tend to make a big deal out of Halloween - we usually make a gingerbread Hansel and Gretel house which I let my son cover in an obscene amount of sweets!

Lovely carboot find - I'm itching to go carbooting but the weekends have been miserably wet lately.

Valerie said...

My little boy is obsessed with witches, monsters and goblins. It started last summer when he was only 1 1/2 and is still going. He has invited everyone he talks to, to our Halloween party. I have had to ask my husband to request a half day from his work because there are so many people due to descend on us at 3/4pm I will need some help lol. Your photo's are great, Oscar would really like them haha.

Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry to hear about the rabbit.
I know V&B stores/concessions have a file with past season designs, may be worth asking in store regarding your plates.

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